Three Ways Flatbed Trailers Offer Unbeatable Safety

Safety is a top priority for anyone in the transportation industry. But especially for flatbed fleet managers whose drivers are hauling heavy loads, trailer safety means greater peace of mind.  

Great Dane was founded with safety at its core, building high-quality flatbeds so your drivers–and every driver on the road–can get to their destination safely.  

The Connection Between Drivers, Safety Features, and Road Safety 

The current driver shortage means more inexperienced drivers are hauling cargo, increasing the chance of an accident.  

“Safety is at the core of every flatbed design decision we make,” said Brad Windy, Product Director of Freedom flatbeds for Great Dane. “Now more than ever, we join with our customers in a common goal to keep drivers and the public safe.” 

Learn more about Freedom’s safety features through this interactive display.

“Our drivers were inquiring about Great Dane trailers, and we decided to offer our drivers the Great Dane product. We have had only positive results, and our drivers speak highly of the integrity of Great Dane trailers,” said Gregg Stanley, Vice President of Operations for Tennessee Steel Haulers.

Here are three ways Great Dane flatbeds offer exceptional safety under any road condition.

1. Versatile Load Security for Every Haul 

Flatbeds aren’t safe unless the load that’s being hauled is tied down securely. That’s why Great Dane’s Freedom flatbeds are equipped with load securement options to withstand the toughest road conditions.  

Features like heavy-duty side rails, pipe spools, stake pockets, and rub rails provide strength and flexibility. Additional securement features, such as twist locks, rope ties, D-rings, and pull-up chain ties, are among the options we give our customers for exceptional versatility. 

Are you interested in seeing your options? Click here to view the many load securement choices Great Dane offers.

2. Smart Sensors Increase Safety 

Now standard on all Freedom flatbeds, FleetPulse smart trailer telematics system offers fleet visibility in real-time, from the first mile to the last.  

“FleetPulse provides trailer health status and safety information, ensuring that a trailer doesn’t leave the yard with any issues, preventing costly–and potentially unsafe–roadside problems,” said Ross Froat, Executive Director of FleetPulse for Great Dane.  

“Think about how much safer your trailer would operate if you received maintenance alerts before there was a problem. FleetPulse has built-in sensors that collect precise information directly from the trailer’s components. This includes vital safety data such as tire inflation monitoring, ABS fault codes, and rear axle weight,” Froat added.  

3. Flatbeds Built for Safety Throughout  

Great Dane Freedom flatbeds are built with safety features that exceed our customers’ expectations. This includes: 

  • A limited lifetime beam warranty for our combo and steel flatbeds, with a 10-year warranty on all-aluminum models 
  • Industry-leading RIG 30 rear impact guard protecting drivers and an impacting vehicle, absorbing 30% of the force in an angled or offset collision 
  • Aluminum floors come standard with a safety grip surface for increased traction and stability. 

With more drivers on the road than ever, we remain committed to offering the safest flatbed built with high quality for maximum performance, mile after mile.  

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