Where AI and Fleet Maintenance Meet

By now, most of us have heard about the latest artificial intelligence (AI) tools flooding the headlines. AI art generators...

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ETT Online: How to Avoid the Most Common Roadcheck Violations

How to Avoid the Most Common Roadcheck Violations

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds its International Roadcheck inspection on highways across our country and throughout North...

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Are You Ready for Brake Safety Week?

Did you know that a fully loaded tractor-trailer travels down the highway at 65 mph under ideal weather conditions and...

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FleetPulse, Aurora Partnership Increases Uptime, Benefits Customers

Ask any fleet manager if there are enough hours in the day, and chances are good you’ll always hear the...

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Flatbed Trailer Outlook in 2021

Flatbed Trailer Outlook Stronger in 2021

Affected by a crawling energy sector and slow automotive sales – both compounded by an economic gut-punch courtesy of COVID...

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3 Keys to Unlocking Usage-Based Maintenance Opportunities with Telematics

Of all the variables used to calculate the total cost of ownership, maintenance is likely to be among the costliest...

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Flatbed Trailer Maintenance Tips

Over endless highway miles, through every kind of weather, your flatbed trailer must be in top shape to stand up...

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How Trailer Telematics Can Help Your Fleet Weather a Disaster

In the trucking industry, you have to be ready for anything. Trucks are a necessity to keep the economy moving—no...

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