For the long haul, Great Dane puts a Champion in your corner.

FleetPulse Standard

Gone are the days of lost trailers and lost time. FleetPulse, now standard on all Great Dane Champion trailers, trades in a reactive approach to equipment maintenance for a proactive one. Great Dane telematics allows fleets to monitor ABS fault codes, tire pressure, open door status, rear axle weight, and so much more.

More for Your Floor

Any champion will tell you that winning starts with a solid foundation. Our Champion line of dry vans rely on that same truth by offering a hardwood—and hardworking—floor that is built for success. Laminated and secured using an alternating screw pattern in key, high-stress areas, the floor of a Champion is as strong as it is durable. Built to last, built like a champion.

We’ve Got Your Back

This end is just the beginning. Champion features Great Dane’s own EnduroGuard rear frame—the next step in enhanced durability and corrosion protection. This structurally superior rear frame keeps your trailer looking good and performing better by resisting discoloration and denting alike.

Get Started

Speak with a Great Dane representative for more information on our Champion series.

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Great Dane Champion composite trailer

Long Haul Multi-tasker


  • For maximum cubic capacity, logistic posts are recessed at panel connection with smooth interior rivet heads for a true snag-free interior
  • Extreme floor strength with multiple rating options available
  • Strongest floor system in the industry
  • Full-length, one-piece extruded aluminum bottom rail with integral scuffband design adds strength, rigidity and protection
  • High-base rail option available for improved sidewall durability with 15″ of extreme sidewall protection
Great Dane Champion sheet and post trailer

Long Haul Super Duty


  • Sidewall protection provided by 10.25″ high corrugated galvanized, roll-formed steel scuffband
  • Unique side door design featuring Great Dane’s exclusive blade lock closure
  • Drop frame options available for added cubic capacity and more inside height
  • Multiple interior lining options allow for maximum interior width, durability, cargo securement plus weight and maintenance savings
  • Lining options include: PunctureGuard, HDPE Plastic, SSL Galvalume Steel, Insulated