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Our Freedom flatbeds now come equipped with FleetPulse. 

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Great Dane’s dedication to building high-quality flatbeds is at every point of our design and manufacturing process. This commitment gives our Freedom flatbeds the long-lasting durability they need on the road. 


When it comes to keeping those who haul our trailers and the public safe, Great Dane puts safety at the top of the list. From integrated lights, enhanced side rail assembly, and a rear impact guard which exceeds standards, there are many safety features that come standard on all Great Dane flatbeds. FleetPulse smart trailer system is now also standard on our Freedom models with ABS alerts for an added level of safety.


Great Dane’s Freedom flatbeds continue to perform high in resale value. Our Freedom line benefits from an accessible buyback infrastructure and our confidence in the product. 


Explore our advanced flatbed model.

Freedom Flatbed Trailer

Collision Damage Reduction

Our RIG30 (Rear Impact Guard) is a standard on the Freedom flatbed. Great Dane goes above and beyond with our RIG30, with tested ability to withstand a 30% offset collision.

Load Securement

Great Dane’s enhanced side rail assembly means the Freedom flatbed is road ready for the most challenging hauls.

Smart Trailer

FleetPulse is standard on our Freedom models with ABS alerts. Fleets can also upgrade to FleetPulsePRO for an entire suite of safety features.

Protected Lighting Systems

Our lighting systems are integrated systematically throughout our flatbeds to protect them from damage. Grote lighting and harness is standard with a 10-year warranty.

Strength Without the Burden of Weight

Freedom open decks feature lightweight extruded aluminum side rub rails, pockets, and crossmembers.

Versatile for Variable Loads

Our flatbeds include movable winches, pipe spools, and generous, evenly spaced stake pockets.

Unwavering Confidence Under Pressure

Sway braces that are in line with strong lower crossmembers that benefit customers carrying wide or concentrated loads.

Engineered for Enhanced Durability

Great Dane develops flatbeds with a reinforced, corrosion-resistant upper coupler; this assures drivers that our trailers are ready for the long haul.

Versatile Options to Fit Business Needs

Great Dane excels in meeting unique spec requests, delivering the solutions fleets need, making sure their equipment is efficient and durable—no matter the application.

Durability and Exceptional Craftsmanship

Great Dane's Freedom LT stands as one of the industry’s lightest-weight and most durable open deck combo trailer series.

Lifetime Warranty on Main Beam

Great Dane Freedom LT combos and all-steel Freedom SE deliver peace of mind by featuring a limited lifetime main-beam warranty on steel and combo trailers; and a 10-year main-beam warranty on all-aluminum flatbed trailers.

FleetPulse Smart Trailers

Upgrade to FleetPulsePRO for a full suite of smart sensors that provide real-time trailer-level data to improve productivity and increase ROI.



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Great Dane Freedom SE open deck trailer

All-Steel Flatbed


  • One-piece main beam featuring a standard .38″ x 5″ heavy-duty KSI steel flange design for outstanding capacity
  • Standard evenly distributed load rating is 80,000 lbs. and concentrated load rating is 50,000 lbs. in 4-foot increments
  • Steel front end reinforced for rated bulkheads
  • 4″ deep steel wax-coated crossmembers are standard on 16″ centers front to rear
  • Flexible load securement and versatile floor design
Great Dane Freedom LT open deck trailer

Steel-Aluminum Combo Flatbed


  • One-piece main beam with 100 KSI top and bottom flanges is strong yet lightweight and offers outstanding capacity
  • Evenly distributed load rating is 80,000 lbs. and concentrated load rating is 50,000 lbs. in 4-foot increments
  • Steel front end is reinforced for rated bulkheads
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum siderails for flexible load securement
  • Rear frame construction features five stake pockets recessed within the rear crossmember for impact protection
Great Dane Freedom XP open deck trailer

All-Aluminum Flatbed


  • Backed by a 10-year warranty
  • Two-piece riveted main beam that is contoured for optimal swing clearance and engineered to deliver superior strength
  • Multiple beam configurations allow for concentrated load ratings from 52,000-60,000 lbs. and evenly distributed load ratings from 80,000-120,000 lbs.
  • Standard 4-inch deep aluminum crossmembers located on 16-inch centers from front to rear
  • Aluminum floor is standard with Safety-Grip surface for increased traction and load stability
  • Special appearance package available

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