Standard on Great Dane Trailers

All dry, refrigerated, and flatbed Great Dane trailers will now come standard with FleetPulse, delivering real-time data and valuable insights for fleets to get the most out of every mile.

Add GPS-only solution to your existing fleet

Manage all your assets in one place and enhance visibility, efficiency, and security for all of your valued fleet assets. Get started with FleetPulseGO, which can be applied to any trailer make and model, as well as other asset types like containers.

Provide access to a full suite of smart sensors

Real-time trailer-level data creating greater productivity and more ROI for every asset. Learn more about FleetPulsePRO, the first OEM-designed and developed integrated sensing trailer and telematics platform.

“Data is critical to running our business and our decision-making process. In the past, we’ve only been able to get GPS location data from our trailers. Now we have a comprehensive view on the health and utilization of our trailers.”
‐ Bill Bliem, SVP of Fleet Services at NFI

Calculate how much FleetPulse can save your fleet.


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