Rear view of a Great Dane Champion trailer

Together, we built our reputation.

Since our founding in 1900, Great Dane has been about one thing: seeking to build the best trailers on the road so that our customers can safely, efficiently, and confidently get the job done. We listened to the needs of our customers and kept our gaze fixed on the horizon, engaged in a ceaseless endeavor of improvement. We are proactive, not reactive. We don’t just meet fleets where they are, but we move them to where it is they need to be. We innovated while others stagnated, and we did it while maintaining the highest standards of quality and service in the industry.

So, no, we didn’t build our reputation for Greatness—our customers did. We just built what they asked for: the best equipment on the road.

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A Champion Sheet & Post trailer is a lot of things. It’s heavy duty, it’s customizable, and it’s ready for whatever the road throws at it.

Great Dane Champion sheet and post trailer



With cubic capacity and puncture resistance leading design considerations, the Champion Composite delivers strength without compromise.

Great Dane Champion composite trailer


Nimble and engineered specifically for the last mile, Sahara truck bodies navigate residential and small business areas with ease.

Rear view of a Great Dane Sahara S-Series sheet and post trailer

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