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Great Dane Freedom LT open deck trailer

When you’re moving America’s infrastructure, a lot is riding on you.

And we mean a lot. As America embarks on its endeavor to repair some of our nation’s most vital pieces of infrastructure, it will be you—the haulers, fleet operators, and transportation experts—who will be called upon to be agile and at-the-ready. Here to help you do the heavy lifting is Freedom, the industry’s lightest-weight and most durable open deck trailer series.

A complicated haul calls for complex problem solving—that’s where Great Dane comes in. We’ve designed Freedom trailers to be the most customizable, and thereby most versatile, open decks on the market, offering myriad adjustable specifications to match whatever the job calls for. No two jobs are the same, so why should you have to settle for standard suspension packages, non-dynamic tie-down systems, or un-safe decking? With Freedom, you don’t.


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Freedom SE

An all-steel design that includes our incredibly tough rear frame design means durability where you need it most.

Great Dane Freedom SE open deck trailer


Freedom LT

Performance meets versatility with the Freedom LT—an open deck trailer we designed by combining both steel and aluminum components.

Great Dane Freedom LT open deck trailer


Freedom XP

Backed by the industry’s only ten year warranty, Freedom XP is the all aluminum open deck that allows you to maximize your payload capably and confidently.

Great Dane Freedom XP open deck trailer


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