When it comes to the last mile, fleets can trust in two things. The job will throw everything it has at their equipment and Sahara has the strength to take it.

Don’t Ignore the Floor

Between indelicate forklifts and pallets that should have headed to the chipper a long time ago, the last mile is the roughest. Supported by an ultra-strong steel framing system, Sahara’s hardwood floor is up to the challenge.

Formidable Front Wall

It’s a reality: try as you might, sometimes cargo shifts during transit. The last thing a fleet owner wants for their driver, or their equipment, is for loose cargo to batter the front wall of the truck body when braking. Sahara’s front wall is constructed with a steel bulkhead that is welded to the deck assembly for strength at the bottom of the front wall, and a one-piece aluminum top rail provides added protection against tree limb damage and water leaks.

Improved Roof Resiliency

Whether you’re prioritizing heavy-duty with an aluminum roof sheet or you’re prioritizing interior visibility with a translucent fiberglass roof sheet, you can be confident in knowing that Sahara’s roof is puncture, weather, and snag resistant.

Get Started

Speak with a Great Dane representative for more information on our Sahara series.

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A Great Dane Sahara trailer



  • Sheet-and-post construction
  • Sidewall protection provided by 12″ laminated hardwood scuffband
  • Customizable options including lining materials, scuffband materials, and logistic track that can be placed in various positions
  • Side doors available in multiple locations and featuring Great Dane’s unique blade lock closure
  • Unique tie-down system for efficiency and reliability
  • LED interior lighting package backed by a 10-year warranty
Rear view of a Great Dane Sahara S-Series sheet and post trailer



  • Composite construction
  • Sidewall protection provided by a 12″ laminated hardwood scuffband
  • Strongest floor system in the industry
  • Unique tie-down system for efficiency and reliability
  • LED lighting package backed by a 10-year warranty