Great Dane trailer driving in the desert. Johnson

The final mile looks different for every carrier, so when you’re looking for a solution with multiple options and customizations, look no further than the Johnson Series. This line of composite refrigerated truck bodies features three highly-customizable models, providing an abundance of solutions for your final mile needs.

Panel Foaming Technology

Great Dane’s high-pressure foam insulation system produces panels with the highest thermal performance rating in the industry. The result is a significant reduction in energy use to keep products at required temperatures.

Seamless Fiberglass Design

The Johnson Series’ seamless fiberglass exterior is the first barrier against ambient conditions. The foamed fiberglass construction doesn’t conduct heat, helping to increase thermal efficiency, while also providing a smooth surface for decal applications.

Tie-Down System

Great Dane’s innovative body tie-down system offers secure mounting with reduced maintenance. It eliminates U-bolts, U-bolt maintenance, filler strip compression, rot and kick-out. The tie-down system, coupled with the durability of the Johnson Series bodies, allows the bodies to be moved to multiple chassis over time.

Great Dane trailer driving in the desert. Secure Mounting
With Less Maintenance
Great Dane’s innovative body tie-down system offers secure mounting without the use of U-bolts, reducing maintenance. It eliminates U-bolts, U-bolt maintenance, filler strip compression, rot and kick-out. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE INNOVATION


Walk-In Refrigerated Truck Body

  • ArcticTherm interior liner protection
  • Customization options for interior flooring, lighting, cargo restraint and refrigeration
  • Innovative body tie-down system
  • Safe aluminum or stainless-steel door grab handles
  • Exclusive 7″ tip-down step


Reach-In Refrigerated Truck Body

  • Multi-temperature capabilities
  • ArcticTherm interior liner protection
  • 3, 4, 5 or 6 doors per side
  • Multiple customization options for doors, locking systems, etc.
  • Roof-mounted condensing unit
  • Innovative body tie-down system


Slide-In Refrigerated Truck Body

  • Small size for maximum efficiency
  • Seamless fiberglass design
  • Fiberglass composite interior lining
  • Unique mounting system
  • Steel-supported floors

Getting You Back on the Road

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Providing the Best When You Need It

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