Let’s put the freeze on final mile woes. The Johnson line of refrigerated truck bodies offers versatility and strength no matter what obstacle the delivery deploys.

Performance Panelling

In order to produce a truck body with the highest thermal performance on the road today, we had to get creative. Using Great Dane’s high pressure panel foaming process, we were able to build our Johnson series to be as thermally efficient as it is nimble on city streets, making sure the last mile is as cold as the first.

Fiberglass Technology

The Johnson Series’ seamless fiberglass exterior is the first barrier against inclement weather. And since the formed, durable fiberglass doesn’t conduct or absorb heat, customers can be sure that their refrigerated truck body stays at the right temp. A smooth texture free exterior also allows for easy decal application and brand broadcasting.

Streamlined & Secure

Final mile delivery is tough enough without being plagued by money-hemorrhaging maintenance and daylight-burning downtime. That’s why when Great Dane set out to rethink the tie down system for our Johnson truck bodies, we kept durability, stability, and ease of use at the forefront. A reimagined tie down system eliminated U-bolts, U-bolt maintenance, filler strip compression, rot, and kick-out.

Get Started

Speak with a Great Dane representative for more information on our Johnson line of Refrigerated Truck Bodies.

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Rear view of a Great Dane Johnson C-Series Walk-In truck



  • ArcticTherm interior liner protection
  • Customization options for interior flooring, lighting, cargo restraint and refrigeration
  • Innovative body tie-down system
  • Safe aluminum or stainless-steel door grab handles
  • Exclusive 7″ tip-down step
Great Dane Johnson R-Series reach in refrigerated truck



  • Multi-temperature capabilities
  • ArcticTherm interior liner protection
  • 3, 4, 5 or 6 doors per side
  • Multiple customization options for doors, locking systems, etc.
  • Roof-mounted condensing unit
  • Innovative body tie-down system