The last mile is complex. Our Alpine truck body is all about solutions.

Panel Construction

Using modular panel technology and an advanced foaming process, Alpine’s construction makes for a highly thermally consistent and durable truck body that’ll reliably keep your cargo at the proper temp.

Long Live the Liner

There are multiple liner options on Alpine, so you can customize your equipment to meet your needs. Alpine comes standard with a 0.090” smooth and seamless USDA-approved fiberglass lining, but for even more protection, Great Dane also offers our truck bodies with exclusive PunctureGuard and ThermoGuard liners with built-in Microban.

Standing on Greatness

At Great Dane, we understand the floor of any truck body takes quite the beating over its lifetime. So, we did to the Alpine floor what we do with every durability issue: make sure our product is up to the challenge. Thermally efficient and built to last, the floor of Alpine is both rot and rust resistant and comes complete with an impact-resistant thermoplastic sub-pan for increased longevity.

Get Started

Speak with a Great Dane representative for more information on our Alpine series.

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Rear view of a Great Dane Alpine trailer that is open

Last Mile Ready


  • Lightweight, thermally-efficient roof system
  • Unique side door design featuring Great Dane’s exclusive blade-lock closure
  • 100% LED exterior light package with 10-year warranty
  • Innovative body tie-down system offers secure mounting without the use of U-bolts for reduced maintenance
  • LED interior lighting package with 10-year warranty