Why Shomotion Trusts Great Dane for Superstar Equipment Delivery

Shomotion Great Dane flatbed trailer traveling to an event

Entertainers such as Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, and the Rolling Stones, are just a few of the superstars who rely on Shomotion to deliver their equipment on time.

Michael Scherkenbach, Shomotion’s founder and president, says when he rolls into a venue with Great Dane equipment, his clients have peace of mind because they recognize the benefits of Great Dane’s premium brand. “When we’re serving top artists, it’s important to show up with equipment that’s equal to the best-of-the-best,” he said.

“We choose Great Dane because of their tried-and-true engineering and their commitment to evolving with excellent products developed through their R&D.”

Michael Scherkenbach, Shomotion’s Founder and President

Sustainability and Cost-Savings with Flatbeds

“Our Great Dane flatbeds are built with an aluminum construction that’s 2,000 pounds lighter than trailers built with other materials. This means we can operate with one less truck on the road and experience significant cost-savings and sustainability,” Scherkenbach continued. 

And because most of Shomotion’s sales leads are generated organically—through referrals, word-of-mouth, or simply from people seeing their equipment at shows—Scherkenbach appreciates the attention his equipment gets outside of a venue. He says his Great Dane equipment always looks sharp thanks to details like corrosive and rust-resistant materials, stainless rear frames, polished stainless fronts, and galvanized steel. Most importantly, he says these features help reduce maintenance costs over the lifetime of the equipment.

Versatility With Dry Vans

In addition to relying on Great Dane flatbeds to haul the intricate parts that create concert stages and structures, Shomotion has a fleet of Great Dane dry vans that deliver instruments, rolling cases, and lighting and sound equipment.

Shomotion also relies on Great Dane dry vans to deliver equipment for customers who aren’t part of the entertainment industry.

“One of our customers is a soccer league and one of the customizations our Great Dane dry vans provide is greater height clearance to transport portable soccer goals,” Scherkenbach explained. “They also provide accessibility that’s closer to the ground for non-dock loading and unloading, helping crews to work more efficiently.”

Unseen Support With Nationwide Network

But, according to Scherkenbach, one of the greatest benefits Great Dane provides can’t be seen outside of an event. Great Dane’s nationwide network of authorized service providers are the unseen support that help him stay on schedule if there’s a need for maintenance or repair.

At the end of the day, Shomotion trusts Great Dane to provide the durability and efficiency they need to meet their customer’s high expectations.

Great Dane’s premium products offer more than great products—we offer great solutions for peace of mind.


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