Yumi Ice Cream Company ensures the delivery of high-quality pre-packaged ice cream, frozen food, baked goods, and beverages to our customers using our premium Great Dane truck bodies equipped with cold plate technology.

Customized Solutions for Efficient Frozen Food Freight: Maximize Your Cold Chain Logistics

It’s summer in North America, and that means it is hot. What better way to cool off than with an...

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Trailer specs for fuel efficiency, weight savings, aerodynamics, insulations, tire maintenance

Efficiency on the Road: Tips for Spec’ing Your Trailer

Achieving great mileage for every haul ensures your business operates at peak efficiency. Key factors such as weight savings, fuel...

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Optimize Fleet Management with Trailer Telematics Dashboards

In today’s era of trucking, fleet managers have access to real-time trailer information in a quantity that seemed unattainable just...

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man and women standing near a flatbed trailer loaded with pipes

Three Trailer Tips for Acing CVSA’s International Roadcheck

Another winter has passed, along with frigid winds and salt-dusted highways that tested the most experienced drivers. However, fleets must...

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Spring Cleaning Keeps Trailers in Top Condition 

In the 19th century, the term “spring cleaning” wasn’t part of American jargon. But since the vacuum cleaner hadn’t been...

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technician working on trailer tire

Take a Dive into Trailer Tire Specifications and Maintenance

Understanding Load Ratings, Sizes, and Proper Tire Inflation Can Boost Your Fleet’s Safety and Efficiency Despite receiving less attention in...

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Man unloading a trailer

Putting Safety First When Loading and Unloading a Trailer

Great Dane trailers are filled with features to help improve driver safety. For truck drivers, a focus on safety can’t...

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Maximizing Fleet ROI with Efficient Pre-Trip Inspections

The benefits of regular pre-trip inspections can’t be overstated, contributing to everything from uptime to safety to maximizing your fleet’s...

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