Top Trailer and Truck Body Specs for Food Home Delivery

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When it comes to food transportation for home delivery, the right trailer and truck body provides efficiency, cost savings, and safety for fleets—allowing for more on-time delivery and resulting in happier customers on the receiving end. Great Dane designs and builds trailers and truck bodies to maximize productivity. This helps fleet owners work more efficiently and offers greater safety and ease of operation for drivers.  

“Specs that support ease of entering and exiting the trailer such as rear or side liftgates, walk ramps, platforms, steps, and side doors are great examples of features last mile delivery drivers find beneficial,” said Barry Personett, Vice President of Product and Sales Engineering for Great Dane.  

“If loads are heavy enough to require tandem suspensions and the operation experiences descending loads throughout the day, we can offer lift axles to improve fuel efficiency, decrease tire wear, and lower tolls,” Personett said. 

Take Advantage of Smart Trailer Technology

The right technology plays a big role in efficient and effective food transport. 

“For greater productivity in the transportation industry, being able to actively monitor and accurately track route progress is important. FleetPulse, Great Dane’s all-in-one smart trailer telematics system, provides data to fleet managers in real-time, ultimately helping with customer satisfaction,” said Justin Garver, FleetPulse Sales Manager, Great Dane.  

Keep Foods Cool with the Right Spec

As a fleet manager in food transportation, you understand the importance of multi-temperature trailers and truck bodies. They are essential for optimal productivity and food safety.

Great Dane’s Everest reefer trailers offer up to three temperature-controlled compartments and an ambient section for maximum refrigerated flexibility. Great Dane’s Alpine truck bodies offers a lighter weight, reach-in truck body option that provides thermal efficiency, durability, and multi-temp capabilities. 

To promote a clean environment for refrigerated transport and help support regulations under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA), all Great Dane Everest reefers and Alpine truck bodies come standard with Microban technology built into the lining. Microban offers broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection to fight bacterial growth for the entire life of the trailer or truck body. Read more about the protection Microban technology provides in food service environments. 

With the right equipment, your fleet can transport fresh goods safely and efficiently while keeping thermal integrity – and your drivers happy.  Read more about how Great Dane designs all of its trailers and truck bodies with drivers top of mind.