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The industry’s peak of thermal efficiency. Fortified by innovation and designed for single temperature and multi-temperature performance.



Setting the standard for versatility, Alpine is backed by the proven strength and innovation of Great Dane trailers.



Composite refrigerated truck bodies featuring three highly-customizable models, plus multiple options and customizations.


Leading the Way in Cold Chain Technology.

When you’re transporting frozen or perishable goods, consistency isn’t an option. And for decades, businesses with temperature-sensitive goods haven’t left their loads to chance. They’ve left them to us.

From pioneering the first reefer trailer to becoming the first OEM to build antimicrobial protection into its reefer liners, Great Dane set the standard for refrigerated deliveries—and sets it again every day.

Our refrigerated trailers are sealed strong, built to last, and designed to keep bacteria at bay. They’re purpose-built for the loads your transporting, but the best thing they deliver is a return on investment. When you invest in a Great Dane trailer, you’re getting quality and efficiency that proves itself over time.

Take a closer look and you’ll see what makes Great Dane refrigerated trailers the best in the industry—and why there isn’t really a close second.

Great Dane trailer driving in the desert. Innovation That's Hidden
in Plain Sight
Microban broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection is standard on all Everest reefers. This patented technology does not wash off or wear away and fights bacteria growth, stains and odors for the entire life of the trailer. LEARN MORE

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