Great Dane Alpine truck

Clean, Cool, and Connected.

When it comes to transporting perishable goods, temperature irregularity isn’t cool. From our legendary Everest line of reefers to our nimble, last-mile-ready Alpine and Johnson truck bodies, our insulated collection of refrigerated trailers stay cold so you can deliver.

When you’re one of the companies that pioneered the refrigerated trailer, you understand what it takes to make the refrigerated trailer that can take whatever the road throws its way. You recognize that the fleets moving temperature-sensitive goods don’t like surprises. You know reliability is requisite, cleanliness is critical, and there is truth in telematics. Great Dane makes the highest quality reefers on the road because we know what the long haul looks like. And we’re here for it.


Temperature control you can count on inside. Whatever the weather is outside.


Our last mile delivery solutions do a lot with a little.

Rear view of a Great Dane Alpine trailer



Cold, customizable, and capable. That’s a Johnson truck body.

Rear view of a Great Dane Johnson C-Series Walk-In truck

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