Putting Safety First When Loading and Unloading a Trailer

Man unloading a trailer

Great Dane trailers are filled with features to help improve driver safety. For truck drivers, a focus on safety can’t stop when they leave the road. The same vigilance is required when loading or unloading the trailer to prevent injury and ensure the integrity of the products they haul.  

Loading and unloading a trailer in the wrong situation, such as from unstable surfaces or in low-visibility areas, can lead to slips or falling cargo, potentially taking a well-experienced driver off the road due to injury. To help avoid this, Great Dane engineers have explored every nook and cranny of the trailer to identify ways to increase safety and security.  

One of the latest examples of this commitment is the company’s exclusive partnership with SLIPNOT. The result is a slip-resistant surface applied to metal surfaces at entry and exit points on 2025 model-year Great Dane Everest trailers with roll-up and side doors.  

Great Dane trailers also provide additional ingress and egress options, to help make multi-stop deliveries safer and more efficient. These include grab handles, ramps, platforms, steps, and liftgates.  

Let There Be Light  

Good lighting in and around the trailer is paramount for keeping drivers safe, and LED lighting is a driver’s best friend for illuminating the interior and exterior of the trailer. LED lamps last longer, are more durable, and shine brighter than filament-style bulbs. Great Dane trailers feature all LED lamps, including dual-intensity rear ID cluster lights and LED strip lighting recessed into the ceiling of the company’s Everest reefers.  

Great lighting offers more than just helping the driver see—it also helps others see the trailer. Great Dane trailers feature the company’s ReverseAlert four-in-one backup alarm system, combining all stop, tail, turn and backup functions into one single industry-standard lamp. The system activates by sounding a horn and activating lights when the wheels turn backward, providing greater safety for drivers and pedestrians.  

On top of this, Great Dane offers the industry’s smallest wireless rear-mounted camera system into its trailers. The camera gives the driver another set of eyes while on the road, in parking lots, or during docking maneuvers.  

Explore additional safety features on Everest reefers and Champion dry vans using interactive models to gain comprehensive insights.

Securement for Safety’s Sake  

Securing cargo on a flatbed trailer can be a unique challenge, and one wrong move can potentially lead to a world of hurt.

To avoid this, Great Dane’s flatbed trailers are spec’d with securement options to fit any variety of cargo you may be hauling. Heavy-duty side rails; pipe spools; generous, evenly-spaced stake pockets; movable, sliding winches; twist locks; rope ties; D-rings; removable hooks; pull-up chains; and rub rails are all found on Freedom flatbeds, giving drivers the strength and flexibility to handle even the most challenging combinations of cargo.  

Better yet, Great Dane is known in the marketplace for working with its customers and customizing equipment as needed. Custom suspension packages, drop decks, coil packages, load securement options, bulkheads, and rear-end options are all available.   

Of course, cargo securement is only one aspect of staying safe on the job. However, drivers hauling Great Dane’s Freedom line of flatbeds have peace of mind in knowing that their equipment combines aluminum and apitong nail strips—made from a natural rot- and insect-resistant wood known for its strength-to-weight ratio—and the floor of these flatbeds is standard with safety grip surfaces to keep drivers out of harm’s way.   

Interested in seeing your options? Click here to view the many load securement choices Great Dane offers.  

Investing in equipment that safely secures your cargo will not only help you ace the CVSA Roadcheck but will provide peace of mind as your load remains steadily in place for the long haul.  


Discover more safety features on the Freedom flatbeds through this interactive model.

Great Dane is dedicated to innovating the trailer to maximize driver safety in every aspect of their operation, whether on the road or handling cargo. 

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