RM Trucking: Driving Success with Customer Satisfaction and Safety

RM Trucking, headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan, is a true example of success built on strong customer relationships.

The company’s roots stretch back to when President and Owner Scott DeBoer’s father bought his first truck in 1979, charting a path that would lead to the establishment of R&M Trucking in 1981. By 1993, the company was incorporated as RM Trucking, and Scott took over ownership from his father in 1994. His wife, Angie, manages the company’s accounting and back-end options, while Scott leads a team that includes dedicated office staff, skilled mechanics, and outstanding drivers. Together, they have created an operation that has led to today’s steady, growing customer base and a fleet of around 65 trucks.

Specializing in refrigerated food transportation, RM Trucking is today synonymous with reliability and excellence in the Midwest, particularly from faithful customers like Boar’s Head Meats and Gordon Food Service. Part of Scott’s strategy for maintaining customer confidence involves keeping a tight-knit relationship with customers big and small. 

“It’s always good to reach out on the phone just to touch base with people,” Scott says. “For a lot of local places, I’ll do deliveries myself, loading and dropping trailers. I’ll frequently stop in and say hi, just keeping a pulse on things. A lot of the customers have been with us for 25 to 30-plus years, and they’ve grown as we’ve grown.”

Scott says RM Trucking’s choice of trailers is also crucial to keeping up its trustworthy operation. The company works with its dealer, Trudell Trailers, to purchase its supply of Great Dane trailers as needed. Scott says he is drawn to Great Dane’s superb fit and finish, and he appreciates the trailers’ enhanced visibility and safety features, such as the nine-light package and rollover stability, that keep their drivers safe and their cargo secure. Learn more about the Everest reefer series.

Another trick up the DeBoers’ sleeve is keeping their operations clean—from inside their trailers to inside their bays.

“Pretty much everybody in Michigan knows we’re big on washing and having a clean fleet,” Scott says. “We always have been. Our trucks are always clean, and our trailers get washed every week, even the insides. Our shop is also pristinely clean. When customers come through, they say, ‘This is the cleanest shop I’ve ever been in.’ 

We built a new facility in Zeeland just 10 weeks ago, relocating from Allendale. This move has given us the chance to provide more driver amenities and lets everyone stretch their arms a bit.”

Angie says Scott has always been on the cutting edge of trucking technology, keeping RM Trucking at the forefront of industry advancements. From the early adoption of trailer tracking and temperature control in the late 2000s to equipping trucks with the latest collision avoidance systems, the company takes a proactive stance regarding safety and efficiency to set them apart in a competitive marketplace.

Despite the challenges of fluctuating backhaul rates and the continuing issue of driver recruitment facing many fleets around the country, RM Trucking has managed to stay resilient by focusing on steady, careful growth and maintaining the high standards that have led to enduring customer satisfaction.

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