Telematics Data Can Increase Safety and Profitability

Know Your Numbers

Access to good data means everything in the transportation business. A smart telematics system can make the difference in a stronger bottom line. 

Investing in a smart trailer telematics system like Great Dane’s FleetPulse can help you understand your trailer’s health, safety, and efficiency in one data source. This type of data can help you move from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance, contributing to driver retention, less downtime, and greater safety and productivity—all of which translate to a healthier bottom line.  

Smart Trailer Telematics Puts Data at Your Fingertips 

Trailers are getting smarter with every new iteration, including more sensors, advanced warnings for specific maintenance, and predicted potential downtime. Investing in telematics tools will allow drivers to drive more productively and help keep equipment out of the service bay down the road.  

Data Saves Time & Money  

Your equipment is the backbone of your operation, and investing now will pay dividends in the future.  

For example, FleetPulse is now standard equipment on all new Great Dane Champion, Everest, and Freedom flatbed trailers and can provide usage data with alerts if certain trailers are over utilized and under more strain than others. This allows fleet owners to maximize their equipment by making good business decisions around the data. 

But FleetPulse telematics isn’t just a great tool for drivers and fleet managers. This smart system also saves technicians time in the yard. The FleetPulse app can pull a trailer’s diagnostic information in real time with a scan of the VIN plate. From there, technicians will immediately learn about any issues a particular trailer is experiencing and can even access specific troubleshooting and resolution tips.  

Additionally, FleetPulse provides real-time as well as historical information so you can identify where there may be exposure to a risk–and correct it before there’s a problem.  

A smart telematics system like Great Dane’s FleetPulse can provide you with data that matters. Check out our interactive sensor graphic to learn how FleetPulse data can create value for your fleet.  

Want more in-depth info about telematics data? Watch this Great Dane webinar, Deciphering the Data: Insights for the Road Ahead.


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