How Connectivity Offers Solutions for Current and Future Needs

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Trailer Owners Experience Increased Efficiency & ROI Using New Telematics Technology 

From small fleets to the largest trailer OEMs, our industry is buzzing about advanced electronic features that improve trailer safety and productivity. 

A growing number of forward-looking fleets purchase their trailers with a central telematics system that’s fully integrated with a wired CAN network to connect independent electronic connectivity units (ECUs) together on their trailer assets.  

Future-focused Central Telematics Systems Increase ROI  

At the same time, fleets are instructing trailer OEMs to spec all their new builds with an integrated CAN design that positions their trailer assets with the ability to add new ECUs in the aftermarket. After all, trailers built today will still be on the road in ten years, and fleet owners recognize the cost savings if trailers are ready for future innovations.  

There’s seemingly no end to the options new technology can bring, and trailers need to be built in a way that’s ready for upgrades. Fleets that are equipped with an integrated CAN network have a potential future operational advantage against the competition because they’ll have a higher resale value at the time of trade, for greater ROI.  


Great Dane Leads the Industry with FleetPulse Smart Trailer System 

Great Dane is leading the industry by equipping trailers with FleetPulse, a complete smart trailer system that is future-focused and designed by trailer experts. FleetPulse is an all-in-one telematics system that comes standard on Great Dane trailers, laying the foundation for fleets to have access to new technology for years to come.  

“FleetPulse is a powerful tool that is transforming trailer telematics for more value,” said Ross Froat, Executive Director of FleetPulse for Great Dane. “By equipping each Great Dane trailer with FleetPulse telematics and CAN harnessing, we believe fleets are better positioned to take advantage of future technology.” 

As telematics continues to play an increasing role in the transportation industry, fleets today are searching for a telematics solution that is simple, reliable, and doesn’t require multiple data subscriptions. With FleetPulse, Great Dane leads the industry forward by providing hard-wired connectivity with a localized CAN network on all new Great Dane trailers. 

Click here for more information about how FleetPulse can drive your business forward with increased safety and efficiency while being prepared for the future. 

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