Drexel Building Supply Relies on Great Dane Flatbeds to Meet Demand 

Drexel Building Supply Relies on Great Dane Flatbeds to Meet Demand

What did Drexel Building Supply do when the company experienced a sudden increase in demand? They turned to Great Dane for dependable and efficient equipment.

Drexel Building Supply is a supplier of structural building components. They manufacture roof trusses, wall panels, and floor panels, and deliver much-needed materials throughout Wisconsin.

Jason Blenker has been at the heart of the surge in residential building, experiencing the demand evolution first-hand. “The pandemic brought with it an increase in demand as people realized they wanted to live somewhere else or build a bigger house with a home office or have more space for the kids,” said Blenker.

Drexel Building Supply leans on its relationship with Great Dane to ensure it has dependable trailers that meet its supply-running demands.

The company has a fleet of more than 45 flatbed and drop-deck trailers, built with flexible options to meet their needs.

For example, Drexel delivers pre-built walls to their worksites in specialized Great Dane trailers.

“Imagine all the walls in your house—we build those in our shop ahead of time and then stand them up vertically. Post pockets in the center of the trailer allow us to secure the walls,” he explained.

He says his team can work more productively thanks to high-quality, well-built Great Dane trailers, with options for customization depending on the load.

“Great Dane is great to work with,” Blenker said. “They answer our questions, respond to our needs, and understand what we want. It’s great to have a partnership like that, one we can continue to build on.”

Drexel Building Supply is family-owned, with eight locations in Wisconsin and more than 600 employees. The company has been awarded the Top Workplace National Programs badge for ten years in a row thanks to a strong focus on internal team members and customers.

5 Ways Great Dane Flatbed Trailers Provide Dependability5 Ways Great Dane Flatbed Trailers Provide Dependability

Between the trillions in federal dollars allocated to rebuilding American infrastructure and loosening supply chain kinks in many construction-based industries, the next few years will be big for flatbeds. 

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