Snyder’s-Lance Enlists Great Dane to Create Custom Spec’d Trailers

Distribution challenges can require an outside-the-box solution, and sometimes that “box” is on 18 wheels. When a customer has unique equipment needs, it’s time for the manufacturer to get creative.

It’s a good thing innovation goes beyond standard spec’d equipment; often, only a custom transportation solution can meet a one-of-a-kind request. That was the case when Snyder’s-Lance Inc. — then just Lance Inc. — made some big changes that required a new distribution strategy.

A Custom Dry Freight Van Solution

Snyder’s-Lance Inc. has grown significantly over the past couple decades. Today, it’s the second-largest salty snack maker in the country, and that success points back to their passion for quality that starts with the ingredients used in their products and extends to how they move those products to market. They’ve found the solution to their unique distribution challenges in custom trailers manufactured by Great Dane.

After an acquisition in 2006, Lance Inc. had shifted salty snacks to the forefront of their product mix. This change in focus meant the company would need larger cube trailers to get their products to store shelves nationwide, safely and efficiently.

Great Dane’s engineering team worked closely with Lance Inc.’s transportation and logistics team, collaborating to design a custom 53-foot shallow drop electronic van with maximum cube capacity. The custom sheet-and-post drop vans included curbside doors, Great Dane’s exclusive PunctureGuard lining, a 10-foot walk ramp, and even more unique components to meet the daily needs of Snyder’s-Lance.

Their delivery needs were fully met with a specialized transportation solution, and the company relied on their custom Great Dane drop van trailers until 2010, when the company turned another big corner.

New Name, New Distribution Challenges

Lance Inc. merged with Snyder’s of Hanover in 2010 to become Snyder’s-Lance Inc. The company’s distribution network changed significantly. Lance Inc. was typically delivering to smaller storage facilities, where the cargo was unloaded by hand. The merger with Snyder’s expanded their distribution significantly, and now included palletized deliveries going through a large network of company distribution centers.

“As we move forward, we will continue to upgrade our fleet with standard 53-foot dry freight trailers but also keep enough 53-foot drop vans to make multi-stop deliveries out of various company distribution centers,” said Grainger Smith, Department of Transportation Compliance/Safety Program Manager for Snyder’s-Lance.

“When you buy a Great Dane trailer, you are buying quality and craftsmanship in a trailer that is consistent year-in and year-out,” Smith said. “And because of that quality and craftsmanship, it provides Snyder’s-Lance a low cost of ownership over the useful life of the trailer.”

Trailer Technology and Premium Goods Mobility

A passion for excellence personifies both Snyder’s-Lance and Great Dane, and this alignment in company values has contributed to their ability to work together well and create better transportation solutions.

“Great Dane has always been responsive to equipment inquiries regarding specific applications or specification changes over the years, and they stay on the cutting edge of trailer technology,” Smith said. “Over the many years of buying trucks and trailers for Snyder’s-Lance, we know that Great Dane continues to be the kind of partner that goes the extra mile for its customers.”

Transportation Solutions and Trailer Innovation

Great Dane’s passion helps companies like Snyder’s-Lance better serve their customers. Challenges are opportunities for innovation, and answering those challenges is central to the culture at Great Dane.

This commitment to staying on the cutting edge has made Great Dane the industry leader in new trailer technology.

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