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FleetPulse Telematics Standard

Elevate safety with data: All Everest trailers come standard with FleetPulse telematics, providing ABS alerts and more to help keep your fleet safe and on the road.

FleetPulse + Thermo King Integration

Through a strategic partnership, fleets are now able to access information from TracKing in FleetPulse, bringing trailer refrigeration unit (TRU) and trailer data into one platform for a single view of total reefer trailer health.

SLIPNOT® Safety Grip Solution

SLIPNOT® makes a bond to metal, creating a high-friction surface that can help eliminate slips and falls and lasts significantly longer than traditional solutions.

Exterior Lighting Over Doors

Safety shines bright—Everest's exterior LED lighting embodies Great Dane's commitment to safety, and lights the way for those dark-hour deliveries.

FleetPulse Standard

Optimize efficiency with FleetPulse telematics—control, track, and enhance your trailer and reefer TRU operations like never before.

Low-Profile Blade Lock

Our exclusive low-profile blade lock design reduces the potential for damage and exerts constant pressure along the full height of the door - preventing air loss and keeping temperature consistent.

Side Door Placement Options

Your business operation is unique, and your equipment should be too. Our side door placement options are designed to meet your distinct requirements.

The Future is Electric

And we're ready. Great Dane has partnered with industry leaders to lead the way in trailer and truck body electrification efforts.

Stainless Steel Rolled Lip Standard

Trailers are most often struck while being connected to the fifth-wheel. Our standard rolled lip acts as a guard, protecting the trailer's structure from potential damage.

Upper Coupler: Long-lasting, strong, durable

Designed with intent. In an area where strength is of the upmost importance, our upper couplers are undercoated to ensure they can handle corrosion and impact from debris that hits the front of the trailer.

Fortified Against Corrosion

From Ultra Road Shield side skins standard, to more hot-dipped galvanized parts, the Everest is fortified against corrosion.

A Roof That Stands Strong

Don't let your roof bow under pressure. The Everest roof system is constructed of lightweight features and connected through a bonded process that delivers durability and optimal thermal efficiency.

SLIPNOT® Safety Grip Solution

Great Dane has partnered with SLIPNOT®, the leading provider of specialized safety flooring products and surface technologies, helping customers avoid slips and falls.

Lighting the Way

Our LED strip lighting is standard, providing 74% brighter lights compared to dome lighting, better light dispersion, more thermal efficiency, and easier maintenance.

Lifetime Antimicrobial Protection

The technology is hidden, but the benefits are clear. Everest is the only trailer on the road with Microban®, an incredible technology that eliminates 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria for a cleaner journey.

Award-Winning Underride Protection

Delivering safety as standard, Great Dane’s rear impact guard is engineered to effectively help stop vehicles from sliding beneath a trailer in the event of a rear-impact collision.

Layered Wall System

Built with puncture-resistant Microban-infused liners and environmentally-friendly foam, the Everest wall system outperforms with enhanced durability and protection, for greater peace of mind.

Boost Thermal Efficiency

ThermoGuard is a durable and lightweight composite liner that is significantly stronger than traditional liners, and because it is virtually impermeable, moisture intrusion is significantly reduced and thermal integrity is improved.

Rear Frame Strength

Stand up to racking and dock impact with a rear frame designed to absorb more impact energy and maintain smooth door operation.

High Puncture Resistance

Offering efficiency and durability, both ThermoGuard and PunctureGuard linings are designed with high puncture-resistance to protect the equipment's interior walls from the daily rigors of the job.

Dock Impact Protection

Our heavy-duty bottom rail is internally reinforced for strength, with a full-width bumper channel formed into the buckplate and rubber bumpers located outboard of tail lamps to effectively transfer impact energy.

Wood-Free Floor System

The Everest floor design uses composite sills and a unique construction design that offers best-in-class corrosion protection.

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