How to Add Money to Your Bottom Line

How to Add Money to Your Bottom Line

No matter the miles traveled or the cargo hauled, fleets know the importance of spec’ing the right truck and trailer for the job. But spec’ing this equipment is only the first part of the equation. Squeezing every dime out of an operation requires an ecosystem that’s always on—from the equipment to get you on the road, to insights to keep you on the road, and quick access to services that get you back on the road when maintenance is needed.

From that respect, Great Dane takes a 360-degree approach to help fleets manage their assets and maximize time on the road.

“The entire system is designed to be cohesive, meaning that our equipment, telematics, and aftermarket services are connected,” says Noah Thomas, Great Dane director of marketing. “Overall, this helps provide a transportation network of reliable products and connected services for a smarter and safer delivery of goods.”

Getting You on the Road

Every fleet’s journey begins with selecting the right equipment, so that’s where Great Dane’s connected ecosystem starts as well. Great Dane gets fleets on the road by offering some of the highest quality equipment that has ever hit the asphalt. But that’s almost old news. What’s not old news is the innovation and thoughtful design that is constantly going into those award-winning trailers—innovation that is designed to increase the longevity of a unit and the way it performs on the road.

Take Great Dane’s unique proprietary linings ThermoGuard and PunctureGuard. These are additions that meaningfully add to the durability of a piece of equipment, increasing the lifespan of a given trailer with proper maintenance. Unlike some of our favorite tech products, you won’t find any traces of planned obsolescence or a business model that forces fleets to keep continuously buying equipment due to some compromise on product endurance.

Great Dane gets you on the road with the trailers that, like your logistics strategy, are in it for the long haul.

Keeping You on the Road

A non-smart vehicle inevitably means more unpredictable breakdowns and emergency repairs, taking a trailer out of service for days or even weeks. To help fleets fight the good fight against downtime, Great Dane’s telematics platform, FleetPulse, is now a standard feature on each of the company’s newest dry and refrigerated trailers.

FleetPulse provides fleet managers and maintenance teams with invaluable connectivity to their trailers, offering deep, real-time health and location insights into their assets. Mileage data, geofences, tethered status, heading, speed, and more are all available at a moment’s notice. And with an upgrade to FleetPulsePRO, the company’s smart sensors unlock a whole new suite of real-time specs, like tire inflation, mileage from tire rotations, cargo status, and the ability to monitor ABS fault codes.

Getting You Back on the Road

When maintenance and repairs are needed, Great Dane’s service centers and maintenance programs are there to get you back on the road quickly. The company’s dedicated service centers are designed to provide emergency services, FHWA inspections, training, and more.

Plus, thanks to Great Dane’s partnership with trailer parts provider Aurora Parts and Accessories, genuine Great Dane parts are always close by and within reach. Read more about how this partnership can increase uptime.

For all of a fleet’s needs—from equipment to insights, to service—Great Dane has built a holistic ecosystem to ensure maximum uptime and profitability.