Technology and Training To Keep Customers Rolling

Technology and Training To Keep Customers Rolling

Better Service Through Technology

Unexpected downtime always hurts the bottom line. Although time in the shop is unavoidable, fleets can mitigate the damage by taking advantage of the latest technology to correct a trailer’s issue quickly and accurately. Great Dane offers its customers and technicians access to advanced service-assisting technology, maximizing a fleet’s time on the road.

The Power of FleetPulse

Great Dane gives fleets a leg up on the competition by providing them access to the company’s smart trailer telematics system, FleetPulse.

More than a way for fleets to tap into trailer-related data, FleetPulse’s app also gives technicians a way to pull a trailer’s diagnostic information in real time with a simple scan of the VIN plate. With a few taps, technicians will know the issues or faults a trailer is experiencing, and from there can access specific troubleshooting and resolution tips. They can also view a trailer’s specs and specific part numbers, including descriptions. This means technicians can identify component faults faster and determine parts to fix the solution on the spot.

Aurora Parts Partnership

Late last year, Great Dane partnered with trailer parts provider Aurora Parts & Accessories, an alliance that has led to faster, better service. Now, genuine Great Dane parts are available through Aurora’s distribution network, meaning more customers can be serviced in less time.

The partnership also integrates parts data from Aurora’s digital platforms into FleetPulse, giving fleets everything they need to complete service—from diagnostics to parts identification—in the palm of their hand.

Top Technician Training Programs

In the name of maximizing customer trust and return on investment, Great Dane devotes considerable resources to robust training systems and an intensive needs analysis to get the most out of its technicians.

Great Dane is an ASE-accredited training provider, but the company also goes the extra mile to certify its technicians under the Great Dane Aftermarket Certified Technician program (ACT). The program certifies technicians at three levels: Certified Technician, Certified Specialist (with branches in Dry Van, Refrigerated, and Undercarriage), and Certified Master.

To become ACT-certified, technicians must complete a series of online safety and theory courses, followed by on-the-job training (OJT) using the company’s own training and development standards. Great Dane has developed over 100 OJT standards covering frequent jobs across dry van, refrigerated, and platform trailers. The company’s technicians are trained to service any trailer, even those built by other manufacturers.

By providing access to the latest truck service technology, Great Dane customers have everything they need to keep their wheels turning.

Read more about Great Dane’s aftermarket program earning the ATMC (ASE Training Manager’s Council) National Excellence in Training Award.


Ahead of the Class | Great Dane is the only trailer manufacturer to have received ASE provider accreditation in both Instructor-Led Training and eLearning. This is an extensive accreditation process that requires all training aligned to CASE (Continuing Automotive Service Education).