FleetPulse, Aurora Partnership Increases Uptime, Benefits Customers

Ask any fleet manager if there are enough hours in the day, and chances are good you’ll always hear the same answer: “Not even close.”

For busy fleets, the benefits of uptime cannot be overstated. Meeting the needs and expectations of customers means taking advantage of every available asset, so when those assets aren’t available—either due to PM schedules or addressing unplanned maintenance and repairs—it isn’t just the fleet, but the entire supply chain that feels the strain. Downtime is unavoidable, so the goal is to waste as little time as possible when it does occur.

This is where a smart trailer telematics system like FleetPulse can prove invaluable for technicians looking to maximize their time both in the shop and in the yard. To increase the value of FleetPulse’s data-rich and detailed insights even further, Great Dane partnered with trailer parts provider Aurora Parts & Accessories in November last year, integrating parts data from Aurora’s digital platforms into FleetPulse’s single interface. The result is an enhanced user experience that leads to more uptime.

How It Works

Through the FleetPulse mobile app and online portal, FleetPulse users have access to a trove of valuable trailer-related data. Cargo status, GPS location, tire inflation and battery monitoring, ABS fault code, accurate mileage reports, and more are all accessible with the swipe of a finger. This means no more hiking through the yard hunting down a specific asset in need of maintenance—now the information is in the technician’s pocket.

The telematics system is loaded with the specs of each Great Dane FleetPulse-equipped trailer during production, and technicians can scan the VIN tag of those trailers using the mobile app to gain instant access to service needs, location information, real-time health alerts, and a full history of fault codes, helping them better plan for maintenance. The app also contains specific solutions to fault codes in addition to guides, manuals, and other resources to help solve common issues.

By integrating parts information from Aurora’s system into FleetPulse, technicians have everything they need to complete service—from diagnostics to parts identification—all in one app.

“If a trailer receives a fault code, an alert can be sent to the customer,” says Chris Hoyt, FleetPulse product manager. “From there, he or she can look at the trailer diagnostic in the dashboard as well as look up the parts and specs information.”



After a fault code is presented and a solution to the problem is identified by the telematics system, Aurora’s platform can identify the needed parts and locate those parts within the network.

From there, the technician can purchase those parts and set up delivery straight from one of Aurora’s parts distribution centers.

“FleetPulse is using our APIs for the VIN lookup tool to identify the specific part needed for that trailer,” says Brad Fulkerson, president and CEO of Aurora Parts. “A user will identify the part in FleetPulse and then order the part from a local dealer separately through Aurora Parts to Go, which can be done on any mobile device or computer.”

Hoyt says FleetPulse’s integration with aftermarket support technology like Aurora is a critical point of differentiation for Great Dane’s smart trailer telematics system, allowing the company to further reduce downtime by looking at the customer experience in its entirety.

“Being a trailer OEM provides us a few unique ways to serve our customers,” Hoyt says. “One, building the harnesses and components at the date of manufacturing; two, testing and validating the components with the suppliers; and three, providing parts and specs information on each smart trailer. The third one ties into Great Dane and Aurora’s nationwide service and distribution centers.

“If you’re having an issue with your trailer or need a part, FleetPulse provides you instant and proactive information, while Great Dane and Aurora get you your part quicker and get your trailer back on the road sooner.”

Hoyt says fleets will find FleetPulse especially useful if they are used to their technicians sinking hours into manually looking up parts and trailer information before moving on to another task.

“In today’s employment environment, we know it can be a challenge to get more help,” Hoyt says. “FleetPulse can identify issues and simplify the parts/spec discovery process to help your existing staff.”

“Good preventative maintenance practices are still the best way to increase uptime, and FleetPulse as a system is focused on helping fleets be better with the maintenance,” Fulkerson adds.

“The integration with Aurora makes it easier and faster for a FleetPulse user to complete a repair by eliminating the time-consuming manual steps of trying to research and identify the exact parts needed to complete the repair. The Aurora Parts to Go website provides a quick and easy way for the user to then order the part after identifying the problem and the parts needed through FleetPulse.”