Edge Computing Technology and the Transportation Industry

Great Dane’s FleetPulse Harnesses the Power of Edge Computing 

What Is Edge Computing And How Does It Affect the Transportation Industry?

The entire transportation industry is experiencing a revolution. We’re witnessing a time of extraordinary increases in processing power along with the miniaturization of electronics. Edge computing is part of this technological revolution. Edge computing occurs at or near the data source versus computing in the cloud.

Edge computing is great for applications that depend on quick and reliable response times, and it doesn’t depend on a network connection. Simply put, edge computing is a game-changer for connectivity industries.

The Way It Was

The most used physical connection between the truck and trailer, known as SAE J560, was developed in 1951. It provides a standardized cable plug and receptacle, similar to what USB did for the computer industry. This connection allows truck OEMs and trailer OEMs to transfer brake and lighting information from the driver to the system and is 100% dependent on driver input to operate.

The Future Is Here

With edge computing, the driver no longer needs to provide the input for safety features since the computer can process data in real time and deliver its own safety decisions.


More Security for Peace of Mind

Edge computing provides a more secure and private operating environment when compared to cloud-based technologies. Instead of beaming data to-and-from a centralized server through a mobile network, all computing is on the site, limiting the risk of targeted cyberattacks.

Today, edge computing is currently on every new trailer. With FleetPulse, our ABS valve and the ECU which sits on top performs edge computing. The actions and reactions the valve makes for anti-lock braking requires immediate readings of the wheel speed sensors to detect whether a lock up is going to occur. Edge computing is the future, and our vehicles will continue to add more edge computing capabilities as FleetPulse is built out on the road to autonomy.

Edge computing is changing the industry for the better. The use of this technology offers greater efficiency, productivity, and safety with data that helps you work smarter. And that’s good news for your bottom line.

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