5 Ways Great Dane Flatbed Trailers Provide Dependability


Between the trillions in federal dollars allocated to rebuilding American infrastructure and loosening supply chain kinks in many construction-based industries, the next few years will be big for flatbeds. 

Here are five ways Great Dane flatbeds are getting even better at a time when fleets need them most.

Smart Trailer Telematics Integration 

Great Dane now offers FleetPulse smart trailer telematics system as standard on all new Great Dane Champion, Everest, and Freedom flatbed trailers. 

FleetPulse provides fleet managers with quick access to data like GPS location, mileage monitoring, and tethered status to help improve operational efficiency.  

In addition, FleetPulse is standard with ABS monitoring for fault code alerts and reporting, assuring optimum braking performance. “FleetPulse reports any ABS braking events and fault codes, as well as odometer mileage. This is an important safety feature,” said Brad Windy, Great Dane’s Freedom Product Director. 

“Currently, FleetPulse monitors ABS and provides prescriptive maintenance reporting every time the trailer ABS lamp is activated,” added Ross Froat, Great Dane Executive Director of FleetPulse. “Great Dane recently made ABS monitoring standard for all trailers, and with this being one of the top braking violations in the industry, there is the opportunity for a significant ROI.” 

Built to Last 

Great Dane flatbed trailers are built with a commitment to quality. This includes a limited-lifetime main beam warranty for 2024 year-model combo and all-steel platform trailers.  

Our all-steel Freedom SE flatbed features a one-piece main beam web with a standard 5-in. wide heavy-duty 100 KSI steel flange design for outstanding capacity. The steel-aluminum combo Freedom LT model features a one-piece main beam web with 100 KSI top and bottom flanges.

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Versatile Design 

Freedom flatbeds are built to meet delivery needs no matter what you’re hauling or where you’re going. The deck of the Freedom flatbed combines aluminum and apitong nail strips—made from a natural rot- and insect-resistant wood known for its strength-to-weight ratio— and the floor of these flatbeds is standard with safety grip surfaces to keep drivers out of harm’s way. 

Each Freedom flatbed is also designed to be personalized for a particular fleet’s needs. Custom suspension packages, drop decks, coil packages, load securement options, bulkheads, and rear-end options are all available. 

Load Security You Can Depend On 

Securing cargo is never simple. Great Dane understands this and equips its flatbed trailers with cargo control options for many types of cargo. Heavy-duty side rails, pipe spools, stake pockets, and rub rails are all found on Freedom flatbeds for strength and flexibility.

Drivers have access to various securement methods. These include twist locks, rope ties, D-rings, and pull-up chain ties, ensuring that whatever is being hauled is secured tightly and safely. 

Real-World Condition Tested 

Every Great Dane trailer is designed and tested in accordance with Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association standards. But we go the extra mile, replicating the toughest hazards our flatbeds could experience on the road. We do this testing in Great Dane’s state-of-the-art testing facility to ensure the Freedom line is up to every challenge. 

Fleets choose flatbeds for accessibility, dependability, and reduced maintenance issues, for greater productivity. Great Dane flatbed trailers are also designed to optimize safety, performance, and resale value for fleets that need the most dependable equipment on the road.

Drexel Building Supply Relies on Great Dane Flatbeds to Meet Demand

Drexel Building Supply Relies on Great Dane Flatbeds to Meet Demand

Our customers who haul flatbed trailers behind them need these workhorses to be strong, versatile, safe, and reliable.

Check out this case study that shows how our customer, Drexel Building Supply, relies on Great Dane flatbeds to haul building materials throughout Wisconsin.