The Value of Industry Events

Think about the last tradeshow you attended. What sticks out in your mind? Perhaps it was the booths filled with shiny, new equipment, a unique product demonstration or maybe just a great conversation with an old associate. In this world of automation and remote technology, face-time is becoming increasingly rare, which is why industry events like tradeshows are so valuable to Great Dane. At every event Great Dane attends, the company always strives to make beneficial connections and create worthwhile experiences.


Connecting You to Solutions

Tradeshows provide a unique opportunity for customers to see the features and benefits of products in a way that a website or brochure simply cannot do. They also give customers a chance to connect with knowledgeable salespeople and industry experts who can help guide them towards the best solutions for their business needs.

For instance, at the 2018 International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) Distribution Solutions Conference, Great Dane used an interactive game to demonstrate how the company’s PunctureGuard and ThermoGuard reefer liners with built-in Microban antimicrobial technology use unseen technology to help protect against the invisible threats lurking inside refrigerated trailers. Even though Microban technology is not visible to the naked eye, these hands-on experiences gave visitors to Great Dane’s booth the ability to visualize how the product actually works and how it can help solve common reefer problems.

Tradeshows are also one of the best places to learn about the latest technology. Reducing emissions and utilizing “green” technologies is always a hot topic, so Great Dane has been showcasing its new prototype Johnson C-Series all-electric refrigerated truck body at recent shows. For example, at the IFDA Conference, visitors to Great Dane’s booth had the opportunity to explore this truck body and learn how it may help reduce their operating costs, overall fuel consumption and carbon footprint because it uses the latest electric evaporator and solar panel technology in place of diesel fuel.


Valuable Experiences

Since tradeshows are generally tailored to one particular category of product or service, customers are given the opportunity to learn about the best products on the market for their business needs all in one place. However, the number of booths and products on display can be overwhelming. This is why Great Dane strives to provide experiences that are worth the time visitors spend in its booth. There are always plenty of highly-knowledgeable engineers, salespeople and industry experts on hand who are happy to answer any questions a visitor may have. This one-on-one time is often the most valuable experience for all parties because it provides a chance for Great Dane to better understand the needs of customers, and then use that insight to enhance products and services.

Finally, tradeshows provide the invaluable opportunity to innovate and network with other industry leaders. Great Dane is heavily involved in industry associations like IFDA and the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) to help stay on the pulse of industry trends and help shape the way the transportation industry adopts these trends.