Trailer Telematics Resource Roundup

A trailer telematics system like FleetPulse provides comprehensive data on your equipment and cargo, removing the guesswork from your fleet’s condition, location, and maintenance strategy.

Trucks keep the supply chain moving, and a smart trailer solution can ensure your shipments dependably reach your customers. Collecting data from your equipment in real time—down to the individual components—gives you insight to maximize uptime, monitor your assets, and help you get the most life out of your equipment.

We believe trailer telematics can make valuable improvements to your fleet’s efficiency and your return on investment. Here are some resources that explain some of the benefits of smart trailer technology. Insight from each blog will help you save on unexpected costs and avoid logistical headaches.

Trailer Telematics Give You the Edge

3 Keys to Unlocking Usage-Based Maintenance Opportunities with Telematics
Telematics can help you drastically reduce maintenance expenses by performing preventative measures instead of reacting to an issue after the fact. Telematics software alerts you when your trailer or a component has a fault or issue. It also allows you to factor inclement weather, load weight, tire inflation frequency and other metrics into a predictive maintenance strategy to resolve issues before they sideline your asset or cause a costly and potentially dangerous roadside event.

How Trailer Telematics Can Help Your Fleet Weather a Disaster
Hurricanes, tornadoes, torrential downpours, snow storms, and wildfires are destructive forces that no one can truly prepare for—but this blog explains how telematics can help you reroute your drivers if they’re headed into danger. FleetPulse collects GPS tracking data, giving you the ability to direct your drivers to alternate routes if a weather event is imminent or if an area has been affected by a natural disaster, allowing you to mitigate risks and slowdowns for your fleet and cargo. It also helps ensure your trailers are in optimal condition through predictive maintenance should they encounter unexpected weather.

Understanding Predictive Maintenance: What Does a Mile Mean to You?
When it comes to maintenance, efficiency, and safety, the distance your assets travel isn’t the only important metric to consider. This blog shows that load weight, speed, frequent stops, and incline and decline can have a significant effect on your trailer’s service needs.

Using Data to Minimize Maintenance Downtime
This blog explains how FleetPulse monitors maintenance issues in real time, provides maintenance suggestions, locates the nearest service center, and can even send diagnostic information ahead so the mechanic can have a plan in place when you arrive. This can cut repair duration drastically, getting your assets back on the road as soon as possible.

Leveraging Trailer Technology to Improve the Lifespan of Your Fleet
Smart trailer technology can lengthen the lifespan of your trailers and key components. This blog details how performance improvements made possible by FleetPulse’s data collection are a key way to increase the efficiency, longevity, and lifetime value of your fleet.

No matter what you’re hauling, America’s industry and consumers rely on shipments reaching their destination on time, every time. Telematics can improve your maintenance strategy, reduce downtime, improve the longevity of your fleet, and maximize your ROI.

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