Leveraging Trailer Technology to Improve the Lifespan of Your Fleet

A trailer technician using a laptop to analyze trailer telematics data

Great Dane’s century-plus legacy of success is a direct result of our commitment to growth through innovation and improvement. Great Dane has a rigorous testing and development program, focusing on research and development to meet the needs of our customers. Everything we do is designed to improve safety, enhance functionality, or increase the overall value of our trailers.

Customer feedback and demand is the main driver for Great Dane’s new innovations, products, and services. Our ultimate goal is to make customers more successful in their operations, using trailer technology to improve the lifespan of trailers and key components.

Innovative Transportation Solutions for Industry Challenges

Our trailers offer more than conventional standards. We design for every application and build what customers want, working with them to offer unique solutions. These innovations improve the efficiency, longevity, and lifetime value of your fleet.

Many of our trailer innovations are designed to maximize performance. Here are just some of our technological advancements:

  • Our exclusive lining ThermoGuard (available on Everest and Alpine) is impermeable, and can significantly reduce insulation outgassing and moisture absorption.
  • Our reefer insulation provides superior thermal efficiency, keeping cargo temperature much more stable–thereby reducing refrigeration unit use and also fuel consumption.
  • We include Microban in the lining of every Everest, providing exceptional antimicrobial protection. Because it’s infused into the liners, this solution never wears off, guarding against bacterial growth and odors for the life of the trailer.
  • Our exclusive PunctureGuard liner can extend the life of a trailer by protecting inside walls from impact damage, offering three times the adhesive strength of other impact-resistant liners.
  • Our EnduroGuard rear frame design offers long-term durability and protection, reducing trailer maintenance costs.

Trailer Innovations that Work Together

Innovation isn’t as simple as making one small component better or more efficient. Each piece of the trailer should work together to form a better product. This is why our R&D team focuses on the whole system, making sure that every component supports the overall goal: to make a lean, efficient trailer.

Trailer technology doesn’t always have to be flashy, either—sometimes it’s as simple as changing a material or using a different design. For instance, wood rot is a huge concern in reefers, causing costly trailer repairs. In response, we started building our refrigerated trailers completely wood-free. Just by changing the materials we use in our reefers, we eliminated the possibility of wood rot damage, reducing future trailer maintenance and repair costs.

Trailer Technology that Looks Beyond Lifespan

In the future, Great Dane will continue to innovate trailer construction to extend the lifespan of our trailers. Beyond maintaining a trailer’s physical integrity, we offer even more trailer performance improvement with our telematics solution, FleetPulse. Designed to capture a huge range of trailer data, FleetPulse can help with predictive trailer maintenance, GPS tracking, cargo securement, and so much more.

The demand for technology is only going to increase. With more data collection will come the need for more ways—and people—to collect and report the information. Great Dane is always looking ahead to the future to develop cutting-edge transportation solutions. Innovation is in the company’s DNA. Take a look at our company story to learn more about how Great Dane has evolved to fulfill the needs of the marketplace since 1900.

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