Optimize Fleet Management with Trailer Telematics Dashboards

In today’s era of trucking, fleet managers have access to real-time trailer information in a quantity that seemed unattainable just a decade ago. Trailer telematics information at your fingertips allows for more effective fleet management, cargo control, and maintenance practices than ever before. However, there’s a catch to wielding this kind of power, as the unending stream of data can be overwhelming.

A trailer telematics data point is simply a fragmented piece of the bigger picture. Putting the pieces together and recognizing efficiency patterns on your own can be time-consuming and frustrating, and chasing data anomalies can potentially cause more harm than good. However, with the right tools, your fleet can harness the data into a concentrated information stream that can help maximize your productivity, safety, and capability.

Streamlining Your Trailer Data Set

Having access to more data is always a good thing, but the data needs to be well organized if you plan to get much use out of it. Telematics dashboards are the perfect tools for effectively streamlining that data. Fleets taking advantage of FleetPulse, the standard telematics offering on Great Dane trailers, can have the organizational work done for them via the FleetPulse dashboard.

“When a user logs into FleetPulse, streamlined trailer health information is the first thing one sees, with information about critical defects that need immediate attention, caution alerts to address soon, and trailers that are good to go, passing all sensor checks,” said Ross Froat, Executive Director of FleetPulse.

While a fleet manager may want to view only some of their trailer telematics data most of the time, the rest is still behind the scenes. FleetPulse is always capturing and storing a full swath of information, including GPS location, actual mileage, light-out detection, tire monitoring, cargo status, ABS fault codes, and much more. Fleets can tailor the reporting system to their needs and filter through business-improving goals, like trailer utilization, location-based heat maps, and loaded trends.

“With innovative FleetPulse data insights, fleet managers are given customizable metrics reports in real time to help them be more efficient across their trailer fleet.”

— Ross Froat, Executive Director of FleetPulse

Know What You Need

Every fleet’s specific telematics need is unique, so fleet managers will want to look internally within their organization when developing a streamlined data presentation plan. For example, a fleet manager of primarily reefer units needs to pay attention to different sets of trailer telematics data than a fleet manager of mostly flatbed units.

“Fleet managers of largely reefer units can be constrained with time, distance, fuel availability, changing weather, reefer maintenance and performance, cargo zone shifting, and maintaining load temperature. FleetPulse’s partnership with Thermo King expands telematics across these constraints as data points for fleet managers to receive in real time before loading and during the trip,” Froat says. Read more about the benefits of this partnership in this ETT article, Seamlessly Connected to Delivery Trailer & TRU Data. 

“Fleet managers of mainly flatbed units can be constrained with weight, tire pressure, braking performance, cargo securement, size and shape of cargo, and in some cases, extra lighting. FleetPulse delivers on sensing many of these constraints, helping to ensure the safe operation of flatbeds, dry vans, and reefer trailers before the journey and for the long road ahead of them,” Froat adds.

With the right tools, fleets can turn an abundance of trailer telematics data into actionable insights that benefit the specific needs of their business.

FleetPulse Mobile App Puts Data in the Palm of Your Hand

FleetPulse is all about upgrading fleet efficiency. To that end, fleets can use FleetPulse’s mobile app for additional operability and accessibility when a laptop is out of reach. Virtual pre- and post-trip reports are recordable on the FleetPulse mobile app, and drivers and technicians can take photos of identified defects to include in their reports to enhance the efficiency of repairs. The FleetPulse mobile app can also scan the trailer VIN and provide the user with a complete parts list proprietary to Great Dane for fast and easy maintenance solutions.

Want to learn more? Here’s a series of videos about FleetPulse smart trailer telematics system.