Seamlessly Connected to Deliver Trailer & TRU Data

Great Dane’s Partnership with Thermo King Empowers Fleets With One Access Point For Both Trailer and Refrigeration Unit Information

Technology and access to data are transforming the way companies do business, and transportation fleets are no exception. Smart trailer platforms can help fleet owners focus on ways to improve the safety of their equipment and increase operational efficiencies.

Great Dane’s FleetPulse Is Ready for The Future 

While telematics platforms are becoming more common in the industry, Great Dane was the first trailer OEM to develop a smart trailer system with a focus on giving fleets data on the health of their equipment with integrated sensors on a single dashboard. This smart trailer system, FleetPulse, is now standard on all Great Dane trailers. 

FleetPulse provides information fleets need like GPS location, mileage data, geofences, automated yard checks, tethered status, heading, and speed, as well as proprietary trailer specifications and parts information. FleetPulse stands out from the pack of other telematics platforms in that it’s ready for the future, providing built-in CAN harnessing so smart sensors can be added in the aftermarket when new technology is introduced. 

“When we embarked on this journey as the first OEM to develop a smart trailer solution, we kept an eye on ways to expand FleetPulse’s product offerings to grow with the needs of the industry and the rapid advances in technology,” shared Rick Mullininx, President and COO of Great Dane. “We are proud to elevate the valuable insights FleetPulse delivers to fleets for promoting safety, maximizing uptime, and helping them get the most out of every mile.”  

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FleetPulse & Thermo King: New Partnership for Telematics

And in true pioneering spirit, Great Dane continues to lead the industry with the latest innovation, partnering with Thermo King to provide Thermo King’s TracKing® system on the FleetPulse platform. Thermo King is a world leader in manufacturing temperature control transport systems, including for trucks and trailers.  

“We’re proud to share this partnership with Great Dane to integrate with their FleetPulse solution. This is a major step forward in connectivity between the trailer and refrigeration unit, and one that will benefit fleets, their cargo, and ultimately the consumer who depends on thermal integrity to ensure the freshness of their products,” said Dominic Hand, Vice President IT and Connected Products Thermo King Americas at Trane Technologies.

The comprehensive data that FleetPulse provides is a game-changer for the industry, with alerts that quickly allow a fleet manager to respond so equipment stays safe and fleets keep moving.  


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