Meet Demands with Pre-Owned Trailers

Meet Business Demand with a Pre-Owned Trailer Program

Uncertainty creates volatility, especially in your equipment acquisition strategy. Trailers are a large investment, and you want to be sure you have the business to sustain the purchase for years to come. But you have options. Great Dane has bolstered its pre-owned trailer program in the past year as the dominating industry leader for dependable and cost-conscious solutions to pre-owned trailers.

“A pre-owned trailer program helps our customers expand or shrink their trailer fleet to meet their business demands,” said Jeff Weber, Great Dane’s director of pre-owned trailers, who noted that, in addition to an option for new trailer customers, there are some applications that demand a pre-owned option.

“We have customers who always buy pre-owned trailers; The reasons for this are set by the application,” he said. “Maybe they have applications that are not cost-effective for new or are ultra-abusive on their trailers and that would eat into the residual value of a new trailer too quickly. Or maybe they have cartage or storage only needs and pre-owned trailers offer them an easier solution.”

Let’s run the numbers: well-maintained trailers offer productive lifespans that reach into the 10- to 15-year range. If you’re looking to add several seven-year-old trailers to your fleet, you can expect that they’d have at least a three-year lifespan before their operational costs grow beyond their value.

If you’re looking to get into the pre-owned trailer game, understand that the people behind the product are just as important as the quality of the trailer itself.

“Choose a network that supports all your needs, not just trailer availability but also parts and service,” Weber recommended. “You’ll want local manufacturer representation that works to understand your business and that ties back to finding the right trailer for the application.”

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