Building Transportation Solutions for Convenience Industry Distributors

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The convenience distribution industry is a big driver for the American economy, with business sales totaling more than $102 billion of overall U.S. spending in 2017, according to the Convenience Distribution Association (CDA).

Distributors directly employ nearly 59,000 people across the U.S., with an additional 114,000 jobs supported in the convenience sector’s supply chain and through employee spending, the CDA reports.

From wholesale distributors of candy, snacks, and groceries, to manufacturers, brokers, retailers, and many others serving the convenience products industry, the sector has a wide range of logistics and supply chains needs to keep it running smoothly.

Through the years, Great Dane has worked closely with a range of convenience store distributors to ensure they have the right trailers and truck bodies to meet their transportation needs and get the job done right.

Meeting Unique Needs

When it comes to delivering goods to convenience stores, there are a few unique concerns to keep in mind when creating solutions for the industry, says Eurell Eubanks, Director of National Accounts for Great Dane.

  • Drivers typically make many stops while making deliveries.
  • There’s not always room in front of the store to park and unload.
  • Loading docks aren’t always available at the stores.
  • Lift gates or walk ramps on a trailer or truck body can be a big asset.
  • Driver safety can also be a real concern, especially for deliveries at night.
  • Additional exterior lights can be helpful for night deliveries.
  • Great Dane design suppliers provide special side and rear door guards and locks, special theft-proof pad locks, and live camera systems to keep the payload and the operator safe.

Important Features for Distributors

When designing transportation solutions for convenience distributors, the main concerns they often bring to the table are not only safety, but durability.

That’s why Great Dane trailers are engineered to withstand many years of loading and unloading cargo. Great Dane trailers come equipped with extra features that add up for improved durability, including the standard PunctureGuard liner, featuring incredible impact resistance, and able to withstand delamination.

In regard to safety, Great Dane engineers are always thinking about efficient entry and egress from trailers, Eubanks notes.

“We hear a lot of requests for automated rear-door openers for safety, which we incorporate on request,” he shared. “We can also place side doors in custom locations. We also get a lot of requests for more secure locks—we have a special side door lock guard that distributors love, as well as a keyed rear door lock that can be used with a banana hook.”

Engineered for Longevity

Great Dane works closely with distributors to design trailers to meet their specific needs. Eubanks shares that everyone’s operation can be a little different – some prefer lift gates or center divides or multiple side doors. Great Dane can also customize trailers to include a wide range of solutions. “If a distributor has a request, we’re here to work with them,” Eubanks says.

Great Dane trailers are designed to get the most out of every mile. One of the latest innovations is the FleetPulse trailer telematics system, which can increase uptime with real-time sensors and reports, telling operators – in real-time – their fleet’s maintenance status. FleetPulse empowers operators to complete maintenance before it causes damage or puts a trailer on the side of the road.

Great Dane also protects every Everest refrigerated trailer with Microban technology. The innovative antimicrobial protection is built right into the trailer’s liner and won’t ever wear off or wash away. Microban liners help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, eliminating unwanted odors and stains on the reefer, perfect for distributors moving food products and cold storage.

A Network of Industry Experts

When a customer comes to Great Dane for a trailer, the sales team asks them questions about how they’re intending to use it, what they need, how many years they’re running the trailers, to find the best design solutions for their needs.

This is where Great Dane’s extensive network of branches and dealers is so important; with industry experts who assess customers’ needs and provide proven recommendations to help them get the job done with confidence.

Great Dane trailers offer a range of great options to meet the needs of convenience distribution customers, including heavy-duty cargo floors, taller scuffbands, ramps, side door placement, multi-temp dividers, and more.

“I think that’s another reason why Great Dane is so special—we’re always working with our customers to provide them with specific, tested solutions,” Eubanks adds.

Great Dane trailers and truck bodies are built to meet fleets’ needs for many years, he says. Durability and safety are always at the forefront; products that convenience industry distributors can count on.

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