Can Do: A Focus On Trailer Service

Great Dane has a reputation for delivering fleets high-quality trailers and truck bodies with extraordinary customer service. Now, through a dedicated focus on its service centers, the company is adding to its premium trailer manufacturer status to being a provider of premium transportation services as well.

“We decided to refocus on service centers to showcase how we not only provide an excellent sales experience, but how we can also provide that same experience through the parts and service departments,” says Bill Healy, vice president of aftermarket at Great Dane. “By having all locations provide the same seamless consistent pricing and services, we will be able to better serve our customers and meet their evolving needs.”

The main difference is that Great Dane has restructured its organizational chart to better utilize the strengths of its leadership team. Now, each business unit can focus on providing exceptional customer service beginning with the sale of the trailer through trade-in.

Great Dane service techs are trained and certified to tackle complex issues. Here the technician will strip down the sides, repair the support post, and then re-rivet everything so this trailer can get back on the road.


Whether customers need routine maintenance, a major repair, or are just shopping for one of several thousand parts in stock, Great Dane service center technicians have the knowledge to keep fleets moving.

“We provide a range of services from major collision repairs to preventative maintenance,” Healy says. “Some other services we provide are warranty service and liftgate installation and service.”

Service centers can provide FHWA inspections, product and service training at a customer’s location, and asset tracking through FleetPulseGO. Great Dane also recently added Managed Dealer Inventory for the company’s customer partners.

“By being able to monitor usage and stocking levels, we can increase a fleet’s uptime, help drive revenue, and deliver more value,” Healy says.


Technology is driving the change. Great Dane’s FleetPulse and FleetPulseGO telematics devices reduce downtime via asset tracking features that can be invaluable for fleets. Thanks to FleetPulse’s integration with Aurora Parts & Accessories, Great Dane’s strategic partner for parts ordering with a nationwide footprint of parts distribution centers and extensive inventory of Great Dane parts, customers can further maximize uptime.

FleetPulse’s integration with Aurora is a critical point of differentiation for Great Dane’s smart trailer telematics system. This integration gives a user the ability to identify issues and simplify the parts ordering process on the own, all from an easy to use app, which can be accessed on any mobile device or computer.

To keep the lines of communication open, Great Dane can send customers alerts if a trailer triggers a fault code. From there, customers can either contact their local Great Dane service center or they can look at the trailer diagnostic in the app dashboard, as well as look up the parts and specs information.

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