Top 5 Trailer Maintenance Checks During Summer Weather

A trailer technician kneeling beside a Great Dane trailer to evaluate maintenance needs

Summer is a full-scale assault on your trailers—blazing sun and driving rain can degrade vital parts you depend on for safe, timely deliveries. Any point of vulnerability can be a dangerous and costly oversight. Preventative trailer maintenance can safeguard against heat and moisture damage, keeping your trailers and cargo protected from the elements.

Here are five crucial checks to make before temperatures climb into the triple digits.

Trailer Maintenance #1: Check for proper tire inflation

Summer weather can be hard on tires since tread wear is more rapid during summer months. You can maximize tire life by maintaining proper air pressure on trailer tires. The inside dual trailer tires, which are the least maintained tires on the vehicle, will need special attention. Ensure that all tires are regularly checked with a properly calibrated air pressure gauge and that there are no cuts, punctures, or broken/missing valve core stems.

Trailer Maintenance #2: Inspect and reseal roof sheet

Trailer roofs are constantly exposed to weather extremes. Summer sunshine is hot, and under the glare of the sun, sealants may show signs of degradation due to heat. Roof sheet sealant is a maintenance item that needs to be inspected and reapplied when needed to prevent water intrusion. Make sure all roof sheet sections are checked and maintained to avoid problems.

Trailer Maintenance #3: Inspect undercoating on wood floors

Wooden trailer floors are subjected to all kinds of bad weather and undercoatings are exposed to road water and debris. Especially during the summer rainy season, water can penetrate through a wood floor causing damage. Reapplying undercoatings can restore protection.

Trailer Maintenance #4: Inspect door seals and gaskets

Cargo protection is important, and that means keeping summer rain out at all times. To help prevent rainwater from seeping through doors, inspect all seals for damage often and repair or replace seals and gaskets as needed.

Trailer Maintenance #5: Check wheel ends for contamination

Heavy summer rains can damage wheel ends if it is allowed to seep in through the hubcaps. Ensure that all the hubcaps on trailer wheels are checked frequently during the summer months. Make sure they have proper lubrication and that there are no signs of water contamination.

Solve Problems Before They Arise

Preventative trailer maintenance helps your equipment stand the heat. A trailer on the sidelines for unexpected repairs can be a costly and frustrating logistical tangle for your operation. Avoid downtime and costly expenses as result of emergency repairs by planning ahead. Check out FleetPulse, Great Dane’s innovative solution for predictive maintenance. Catch damage before it causes a serious emergency, and get your trailer back on the road, helping you to take care of any and all roadblocks you might face.

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