Flexibility is Key for B2B and B2C Last Mile Delivery

A Great Dane refrigerated trailer parked in front of a restaurant

Growing expectations for timely, consistent deliveries at affordable prices have created new logistical challenges for both B2B and B2C delivery. Great Dane is always looking to help support fleets, which is why we work closely with our customers seeking refrigerated trailers and truck bodies for last mile delivery. There are two important areas to consider when talking about last mile shipping: deliveries to customers’ doors, and deliveries to businesses. Both need specific and different solutions.

New Challenges for Last Mile Delivery

Consumers today expect goods delivered to their home or business as quickly and efficiently as an overnight package. What was once a special option is the new standard.

The increase in demand for goods delivered to customers’ front doors has created challenges for logistics companies and fleet managers in charge of delivering products requiring different temperatures. Although the delivery window has been accelerated, the desired result hasn’t changed: Customers want to combine their items into as few transactions as possible, want them delivered on time, and at the right temperature.

Last Mile Logistics and Foodservice Distribution

One of the most impacted segments within B2B delivery has been the foodservice industry.

For example, a restaurant will order paper napkins, tomatoes, frozen fries, and ice cream tubs all in the same order. This creates a challenge for food distributors who have to source vehicles that can maintain a wide range of temperatures efficiently.

Not only do they have to source the equipment, but they also have to maintain stringent cold chain practices throughout the entire process. Fleet managers have to consider choosing equipment that can safely transport and maintain different kinds of food products at multiple temperatures throughout the day, from point of origin to final destination.

Flexible Equipment for Food Distribution

Thanks to decades of experience listening to customers’ changing demands, Great Dane has developed a full line of refrigerated trailers, truck bodies, and even an all-electric refrigeration system that can address these challenges.

The Everest reefer:

  • The single-temp Everest is the highest-performing, most thermally efficient trailer on the market.
  • The multi-temp Everest offers as many as three temperature-controlled compartments and an ambient section for maximum flexibility.

The Alpine Series:

  • Great Dane’s refrigerated truck body is designed for maximum thermal efficiency with the industry’s most advanced modular panel foaming process.

The Johnson Series:

  • Customized solutions for both B2B and B2C last mile delivery.
  • The Johnson C-Series composite truck body interiors are made of smooth white fiberglass that is corrosion-resistant and extremely durable. This model in particular is great for walk-in loading and unloading.
  • The R-Series is better suited for B2C operations, with a lighter weight, reach-in truck body option that touts thermal efficiency, durability, and up to 8 multi-temp compartments.
  • For smaller, more local delivery needs, Johnson S-Series packs maximum thermal efficiency into an 8-foot long body engineered to fit into a ¾-ton or 1-ton pickup truck.
  • For distributors looking to save on fuel costs, the Johnson All-Electric truck body is an excellent option. See how Mark Vend Co. uses the Johnson AE.


Great Dane’s goal is to champion the needs of its customers by ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of goods. Instead of offering cookie-cutter solutions to customers, the company works hard to understand customer challenges while evaluating cold chain management practice.

Food Distribution Expectations Will Keep Growing

As the demand for last mile food distribution increases, customers’ expectations for quality and consistency will continue to be high. This is driving food distributors that want to be successful to work closely with trailer and truck body suppliers to design the right equipment for their needs.

Great Dane is committed to helping customers reach their goals. We engineer trailers and truck bodies that offer more flexibility to meet the demand of today’s customers while being safer for drivers and providing the lowest total cost of ownership.

Great Dane leads the way in cold chain technology. Learn more about what makes the lineup of refrigerated trailers the best in the industry.

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