Experience Great Dane’s New Brand Evolution at TMC 2022

TMC 2022

Great Dane is excited to share a new brand evolution at the 2022 Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition. The conference is being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL from March 7-10.  

 The new brand strategy focuses on end-to-end solutions for the transportation industry, and a horizon defined by digital connectivity.  

 “Great Connects Us” is the key theme of Great Dane’s booth, highlighting the vital connections found within the Great Dane ecosystem, from a future-focus on trailer and truck body innovations, to the valuable data insights of the company’s FleetPulse telematics solution, and an expansion of Aftermarket services.  

 “Our new strategic direction builds on our strengths, while maximizing our growth potential to ensure we are ready for an increasingly digital future,” shared Dean Engelage, President of Great Dane.  

 “Great Dane’s bold, new brand design reflects our vision to connect products, data, and services for a complete transportation solution,” Engelage added.  “We’re putting the people responsible for the transportation of goods at the heart of our brand.” 

 At the TMC convention, Great Dane will debut the new brand evolution during a special news conference at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, March 8th at Booth #761. There, Great Dane leaders will take visitors through changes designed to enrich the connected ecosystem.  

 On display, will be a glimpse at the future of electric trailer equipment. Great Dane, in collaboration with ConMet eMobility, will present a Great Dane Everest Trailer with a PreSet Plus® eHub™ system. This road-ready system is capable of achieving zero-emission trailer refrigeration, creating a more carbon-friendly footprint through electrification. 

 Great Dane’s innovative FleetPulse telematics solution will also be featured at the company’s booth, spotlighting the next generation of key insights for fleets, including ABS alerts, GPS tracking, open-door events, and more.  

 Finally, the valuable role of Great Dane’s Aftermarket program will complete the loop, delivering more uptime to fleets to get them back on the road, thanks to the large geographic footprint of Great Dane Service Centers, and breadth of parts offerings in partnership with Aurora Parts & Service. 

 Discover more about Great Dane’s bold new vision at www.greatdane.com