Experience Great Dane’s New Brand Evolution at TMC 2022

Great Dane is excited to share a new brand evolution at the 2022 Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting...

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Great Dane Elevates Sales Organizational Design; Announces VP of Corporate Sales, VP of Aftermarket Services

(Savannah, Georgia – February 21, 2022) Great Dane today announced a new update in the company’s sales organizational design, elevating...

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Great Connects Us

Great Dane Unveils Strategic Brand Design

(Savannah, Georgia – Feb. 17, 2022) – Great Dane is unveiling a new brand evolution, one that represents the company’s...

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Cargo Theft is Up, Here’s What to Do About It

The COVID-19 pandemic amplified several issues already affecting the trucking industry, perhaps most noticeably recent supply chain strains and labor...

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How Tomorrow’s Smart City Technology Redefines Today’s Logistics

In only the past five to ten years, sophisticated technologies have shifted the way we move about many of today’s...

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FleetPulse, Aurora Partnership Increases Uptime, Benefits Customers

Ask any fleet manager if there are enough hours in the day, and chances are good you’ll always hear the...

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A man wearing a blue shirt and a camouflaged baseball cap climbs into the cab of a semi truck

Designing Trailers With Drivers Top of Mind

A fleet’s equipment choices are about more than simply moving freight efficiently. It’s just as much about taking care of...

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Autonomous robot delivery in warehouses with 5g wireless connect

Four Trends to Connect Warehouse Automation to Equipment

In science fiction, one of the most common tropes is robots have taken on the manual work humans don’t want...

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