A Champion Sheet & Post trailer is a lot of things. It’s heavy duty, it’s customizable, and it’s ready for whatever the road throws at it.

Great Dane Champion sheet and post trailer



With cubic capacity and puncture resistance leading design considerations, the Champion Composite delivers strength without compromise.

Great Dane Champion composite trailer


Nimble and engineered specifically for the last mile, Sahara truck bodies navigate residential and small business areas with ease.

Rear view of a Great Dane Sahara S-Series sheet and post trailer

Trailer specs for fuel efficiency, weight savings, aerodynamics, insulations, tire maintenance

Efficiency on the Road: Tips for Spec’ing Your Trailer

Achieving great mileage for every haul ensures your business operates at peak efficiency. Key factors such as weight savings, fuel...

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From Scrap to Sustainability: Recycling Composite Trailer Panels

To promote a more sustainable future, Great Dane is leading the charge to find innovative recycling solutions for trailer panels....

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Great Dane Composite or Sheet and Post trailers

Navigating the Road to the Right Dry Van Trailer Purchase

Learn more about the benefits of different dry van trailer models. Which trailer works best for your operation: sheet and post or composite.

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Why Shomotion Trusts Great Dane for Superstar Equipment Delivery

Entertainers such as Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, and the Rolling Stones, are just a few of the superstars who rely...

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