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Exterior Worklights

Brighten your operations with the Exterior Worklights option. Enhance safety and efficiency during loading and unloading, ensuring a well-lit workspace for your team.

Step/Walkramp options

Enhance efficiency and safety with Great Dane's Champion dry van trailer. Customizable step/walkramp options streamline loading and unloading for a swift workflow, tailored to your operational needs.

FleetPulse Telematics Standard

Elevate safety with data: All Champion trailers come standard with FleetPulse telematics, providing ABS alerts and more to help keep your fleet safe and on the road.

Award-Winning Underride Protection

Delivering safety as standard, Great Dane’s rear impact guard is engineered to effectively help stop vehicles from sliding beneath a trailer in the event of a rear-impact collision.

Rolled Lip/Stainless Steel Front

Trailers are most often struck while being connected to the fifth-wheel. Our standard rolled lip and stainless steel bottom rail acts as a guard, protecting the trailer's structure from potential damage.

Rub Rails Top and/or Bottom

For added protection and durability on sides that are vulnerable to scratches, dents, and other types of damage, top and bottom rub rails are available.

Galvanization Standard

Protected against corrosion with more standard hot-dipped galvanized parts including our support gear mounting plate, bracing, k-brace, x-drive shaft, and rear impact guard.

Strong Swing Door and Frame

Made of just the right materials for strength, weight, ease of use and durability.


Options mean you get what you need for your hauls. When it comes to axles, choose from tandems at 49",60",72",121" or tridems at 49", 60", 72".

Side Door Options

Designed and manufactured as part of the build, the side door strengths and options are many. The structural integrity brings trust to durability while endless option provides the best fit for your business needs.

Variable Heights, Width, & Colors

Customized to "fit" your loads. The choices we make regarding heights, widths, colors, and other options hold significant value to both "fitting" your business needs and "fitting" your company's brand.

Lighting Options

Inside and out, lighting plays a crucial role in providing safety and enhancing visibility, reducing the risk of accidents and potential hazards. Many interior and exterior options are available.

Double Decking Option

Break up loads and expand versatility with a second deck option. The Double Dex improves product visibility, reduces stack failures which increased productivity and safety.

Dome Light Options

Multiple options are available with interior dome lights that help increase safety and productivity.

Floor Grip Options

Increase safety under foot with grip options on both wood and aluminum floors as well as on the rear thresholds.

SSL Liner Option with PunctureGuard

Chose the SSL sidewall on the Champion Sheet & Post model. Now standard with composite backing (no wood) for extra durability and weight savings.

High Base Rail (HBR) Option

With the High Base Rail (HBR) option, the bottom rails provides extra protection and durability inside and out.

Floor Rating

Choose from a wide variety of floor options, including strengths and thicknesses to meet your needed floor rating, up to 28K.

Floor Options?

Available in multiple weight-ratings, waterproofing options, and hardwood or aluminum options; the flooring can be customized for your cargo needs

Cargo Securement Options

Cargo securement is important to safety and product protection and comes in many forms. Choose from A track, F track, sliding J-hooks, and/or Double Dex options.

Sheet & Post Wall Options

Get the perfect fit. Based on calculations, and adjusted with different post depths, get just the right inside width for your business needs.

Model Options

Get the model and options that works best for the hauls you take on. Need extra-strong sidewalls? Need smooth sidewalls? Choose from composite or sheet & post, with multiple sidewall options.

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