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Sustainability In Focus

Winter 2024 | Sustainability is a trend that’s transforming our industry, particularly as concern for our environment increases. At Great...

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groceries beaming down

Welcoming Warp Speed Grocery Delivery

SUMMER 2023 | Gain insight into the impact of AI and predictive maintenance on fleet operations, the potential of trailer...

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Future-Focused: Technology and Trends Transform the Industry

SPRING 2023 | Great Dane embarks on a future-focused journey, ushering in new leadership and evolving transportation trends, all while...

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busy highway at sunrise

Goods Mobility Is Hitting the Accelerator on Tech and Time

FALL 2022 | Explore a range of innovations, from the impact of driverless pods on the future of transportation to...

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highway at night

Focusing On The Big Picture

SUMMER 2022 | Explore how fleets can leverage technology and adopt industry best practices to optimize their operations while emphasizing...

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trailer technician, flatbed trailer

Connecting with the Future

SPRING 2022 | Explore the intersection of technology and transportation, including topics like autonomous vehicles with telematics, carbon-friendly electrification, and...

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