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Welcome to the corporate brand book for Great Dane facilities. This document serves as a comprehensive guide designed to ensure that all environments within our company reflect our brand’s core values and identity. Whether maintaining or renovating an existing space, or developing a new one, adherence to these guidelines will help maintain a seamless, connected, and transparent brand experience across all locations. From design concepts and color schemes to signage and furnishings, every detail has been meticulously considered to reflect our commitment to quality. By following these standards, we create cohesive and inspiring spaces that reinforce our brand’s reputation for excellence.  

Maintaining a consistent and cohesive brand identity is crucial to our success at Great Dane, and to ensure this, it is imperative that the brand team is involved in branding decisions across all locations. This collaboration guarantees that our messaging, visual elements, and overall brand experience align with our core values and strategic objectives. By consulting with the brand team, the integrity of the Great Dane brand can be upheld, and a unified image can be presented to our customers and stakeholders, fostering trust and recognition in every market we serve. 


For any questions regarding the Great Dane Brand, please reach out to Cyndi Rogers or Taylor Giem.

Cyndi Rogers

CX & Brand Director | 912-644-2271 


Taylor Giem

Brand Experience Manager | 912-644-2275