Storing Trailers Webinar Replay

6 Best Practices for Trailer Storage – Webinar Replay

Freight distribution is wildly unpredictable right now. While some distributors can’t find enough trailers, others find their yards full. Proper trailer storage is crucial to ensure your equipment is ready for when you get back on the road.

In our webinar, the Six Best Practices for Trailer Storage, you will learn recommended methods to prevent many of the issues that can negatively impact the performance and longevity of trailers parked for extended periods of time. During the presentation hosted by IFDA, we cover advice that’s relevant whether you’re storing a single trailer for a couple of weeks or a whole fleet for longer than a month.

Learn how to prep your trailers and store them properly to get you back on the road when it’s time to haul again.

James Brown is the Customer Service Department Manager for Great Dane. He has 23 years of experience working with customers and repair agents to solve real world problems and issues. James is also a certified fire and explosion investigator, certified vehicle fire investigator, and a certified fire investigation instructor. He uses these qualifications to help customers find the root cause of fires, accidents, and structural failures. He also teaches new repair techniques to technicians in Great Dane branches and dealers, and works with them to diagnose and repair challenging issues.

No time to watch the full webinar? We have an infographic covering the key points. Access it here.