Wherever You Are, Great Dane Will Be There

Location, location, location. A wise man once said that 80 percent of life is just showing up. Thanks to Great Dane’s numerous plant locations, we’ve made sure that we’ll be there 100 percent of the time to support our products and move your business forward.

Great Dane plants are strategically located to keep freight costs down – customers can quickly pick up the trailers and get them into their fleets and operational without added costs to move them across the country.

Great Dane has plants located across the Southeast, Northeast and Midwest.

On top of that, Great Dane is committed to keeping its production and manufacturing operations in the U.S. Many of the plants are located in small towns where the company has added jobs and helped stimulate the towns’ economies. Take, for example, the plant in Elysburg, Pennsylvania, which opened last year. The new plant brought jobs to an area that was facing high unemployment and economic struggles. Great Dane is proud to be a part of these communities and proud of the talented employees who come to work each day focused on upholding the values of Great Dane and the tradition of American craftsmanship.