What You Need to Know About Buying Used Equipment

With an extremely robust trailer market and ever-growing demand, the used trailer business is becoming increasingly vital to the industry. As of July 2018, new trailer orders have totaled 335,000 units for the past 12 months, and OEMs are operating at full capacity, while struggling to meet high demand due to restraints from the supply base. And with a shorter buying cycle and pressure to deliver faster than ever, customers can’t always wait months for new equipment; they need something today and used equipment is that alternative. Great Dane’s Director of Used Trailer Sales Jeff Weber breaks down what you need to know about buying used.

Completing the Trailer Productivity Picture

How important is the role of used trailers in the current market?

From our customers’ standpoint, a good used trailer network gives them the flexibility to make fluid decisions about buying or selling based on their customers’ quickly-changing demands.


What should customers look for when buying used trailers?

Just like buying a new trailer, the used trailer is an important investment. The same factors come into play when deciding what used trailers to purchase. Leveraging your trusted trailer expert to guide you with aligning your specific type of haul to the proper used spec is crucial. And just like with new, the ROI with used always comes down to the residual value once you are ready to sell or trade.


When is the best time to buy used?

The best advice I can give is to stay in touch with your salesperson periodically. If he or she is doing their job, they will know your operation, your equipment and what type of customers you are working for. This will allow them to always be looking out for opportunities that can help with your needs.


Where can customers go to find resources?

I still feel that a face-to-face relationship is the best way to truly understand your customer’s needs. Local Great Dane industry experts can be found at GreatDane.com, and on social platforms, including FacebookLinkedInTwitterInstagram and YouTube.


How important is leveraging the right network?

This could be the most important decision in your business today. The right or wrong network can have an immediate impact to your bottom line. When we hear terms like “just-in-time inventory” that now means “within-the-hour delivery”, so most companies’ buying cycles have been severely disrupted. Having a trusted partner with you in today’s market place is priceless.


What does a good network look like?

Trusted advice on what, when, and where to purchase, sell or trade, flexibility to pick up or drop off from multiple locations across North America, multiple service locations across the network, and sometimes forgotten, the availability of parts to keep your equipment on the road working for you.


Buying Used Trailers: What to Look for and Ask About

The used side of Great Dane’s business allows the company to offer customers both trade and direct purchase options along with an extensive network of more than 100 branch and independent dealer locations. Whether running new or used equipment, staying safe, efficient and profitable are vital to all fleets’ bottom lines. So, as the trailer industry continues to advance and evolve, Great Dane will continue to leverage its vast network and product offerings to help customers get the most out of their equipment lineup.

For more on Great Dane’s used trailer program, find a branch or dealer near you using the locator on GreatDane.com.