What Great Dane is Grateful for This Year

For most families, Thanksgiving is going to be a bit different this year. While traditions and travel plans might be changing, there is one holiday staple that is not going anywhere: the trucking industry.

The trucking industry is a pillar in the Thanksgiving supply chain. Truckers transport millions of turkeys, side dishes, desserts, and other supplies each year, and we all owe them a huge thank you. With Thanksgiving mere days away, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what we at Great Dane are thankful for this year. Truckers are a key part of that list.

Truckers Deliver Much More Than Turkey to American Households

Thanksgiving would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of truckers. Roughly 46 million turkeys are consumed in the U.S. each Thanksgiving, and it takes more than 83,000 truckloads to haul Thanksgiving into your home. Those numbers represent countless miles on the road and a commitment to every American family—even while drivers may be away from their own.

Then, after all the hours in the driver’s seat ensuring the turkeys and stuffing are delivered, truckers often work through the holiday itself. Great Dane is thankful for all their work and sacrifice to “keep America moving,” especially for the way they’ve supported the country during this tumultuous year. More than simply ensuring the star bird makes it to your dinner table, truckers’ steady commitment delivers assurance that some things can always be counted on.

Great Dane is Proud to be Part of the Trucking Industry

When world events in 2020 affected the way Americans work, shop, and live our lives, the trucking industry was vital to the innovative solutions that kept us going. While we navigated uncertain months, the highways were humming with 18-wheelers assuring deliveries were met, food transportation remained dependable, and essential supplies arrived on time. We are grateful to Great Dane staff, dealers, partners, and customers who helped drive our country forward. We wish them all a happy holiday.

Without them, refrigerated trailers and dry vans couldn’t fulfill their pivotal roles in the supply chain: ensuring food quality and effective product delivery. Reefers and dry vans both carry bulk items long distances and are essential in food transportation, but they’re responsible for separate elements of your Thanksgiving dinner.

In addition to turkeys, reefers transport all your other refrigerated or frozen Thanksgiving fares. Dry vans carry the side-dish haul. They deliver nonperishables like canned foods, box mixes, and anything else that doesn’t have to be stored in the fridge until it’s time to start cooking. Even your non-food items — disposable plates, cups, silverware, napkins, tin foil, plastic wrap, etc. — travel to your local store in the back of a dry van. Your Thanksgiving table would not be the same without dry vans and reefers.

Dependable Even When the World is Unpredictable

The holidays are always hectic, but now the situation is even more complicated. Fleets must prepare for the typical delivery volume and variability, as well as what might have changed as a result of the pandemic. It is not an easy task, and we are so thankful for the men and women managing through these supply chain difficulties. The dedicated members of the trucking community truly are the unsung heroes of the holidays. We support them and thank them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

To learn more about the trailers responsible for delivering Thanksgiving turkeys, check out our pages dedicated to refrigerated trailers and dry vans.