Webb Vortex Unlimited Drum

Brakes work better and last longer at cooler temperatures. That’s why Webb engineers focus on improving heat transfer efficiency and maintaining longer break life. Their efforts produced the Webb Vortex® Unlimited, and now Great Dane has chosen the premium Webb Vortex Unlimited as its standard Webb brake drum for 2016. This innovative American-made brake drum runs up to 10 percent cooler, provides better braking performance, and allows up to 25 percent longer life than a typical standard drum.

The Webb Vortex Unlimited brake drum employs Webb’s patented external cooling rib design that conducts heat away from the brake surface for superior heat dissipation, contributing to lower operating temperatures. Webb Vortex Unlimited drums can also last up to 25 percent longer because they have more wearable material on the brake surface. Plus, with Great Dane customer specification, the new patented Wear Indicator can be included to take the guesswork out of wear measurements. This can reduce maintenance costs and increase up-time for the customer.

Webb Wheel and Great Dane are proud to partner together to offer our customers the premium Webb Vortex Unlimited drum as Great Dane’s standard Webb braking solution.