The Pinnacle of Performance

Whether they haul frozen food across country or make deliveries to grocery stores and restaurants around town, food delivery companies know their reputation and profits depend on how well they protect their cargo. They want an efficient reefer that keeps their cargo safe – and they want it to last.

For decades, food delivery companies have chosen the Great Dane Everest reefer because it is the pinnacle of performance when it comes to hauling refrigerated cargo. The Everest is sturdy and built to last, giving fleets years of excellent return on investment. It has the most advanced void-free insulation foaming process, premium liners, modular panel construction, and there is no wood in the trailer. All of this adds up to industry-leading thermal efficiency, reduced moisture intrusion and a safer, more sanitary interior.

Below are just a few of the special features that set Everest reefers apart from the rest.

Ultimate Sidewall Protection

Impact resistance is the name of the game with interior linings. Great Dane’s PunctureGuard lining is lighter and stronger than any other lining option and comes standard on all Everest reefers. It also has nearly three times more adhesive strength to help fight against delamination.

For the ultimate interior protection, Great Dane’s patented ThermoGuard lining helps maintain insulation performance for the life of the trailer. Made with a proprietary barrier layer, ThermoGuard is virtually impermeable and designed to provide significant cost savings. ThermoGuard reduces cooling run time, helps maintain excess cooling capacity and reduces fuel consumption, so fleets can be assured their cargo will stay at the right temperature.

Strength of Modular Design

The Everest roof system is constructed of lightweight features connected through a bonded process that delivers durability and optimal thermal efficiency.

An aluminum roof sheet is supported by extruded aluminum roof bows and is secured to the top rail using a rolled edge design to seal the perimeter against moisture intrusion. The roof and walls are constructed using an advanced high-pressure panel foaming process that assures consistency throughout the panels and void-free insulation.

Our innovative modular design joins the panels to create a continuous blanket of insulation at all connection points. The interior ceiling-to-sidewall connection uses a fastenerless cove molding to seal the joint against moisture and bacteria.

The high-performance floor design protects cargo from underneath and helps ensure proper temperatures. The 16,000-pound-rated aluminum duct floor is automatically welded to seal out moisture, and the composite floor sills are engineered for maximum durability and defense against moisture intrusion. The floor includes an integral channel that provides protection for air and electrical lines The sills are anchored by sill screws that employ an organinc multi-layer coating that resists corrosion. Aluminum end clips secure crossmembers to the side rail and also protect against corrosion. Finally, an impact-resistant thermoplastic sub-pan completes the floor design, creating an extremely durable and well protected floor – the industry’s best reefer floor.

Multi-temp Cargo Access

Need quick and easy access to multi-temp compartments? The Everest is available with multiple side door heights, widths and locations.

Our unique blade lock side door design holds the door securely closed so cold air stays in. The blade lock exerts constant pressure along the full height of the door, ensuring that the efficient dual-compression seals prevent air loss around the total perimeter of the door, which swings open 180-degrees. The low-profile design eliminates protruding hinges and lock rods, reducing potential for damage. For more than 35 years, Great Dane customers have this proven door lock for its reliability.

The Everest reefer provides optimal performance and ensures the safe and efficient delivery of temperature safe cargo. It remains a popular choice because of its lightweight design, exceptional durability and unmatched protection against impact damage and moisture intrusion. And, with a long list of options, the Everest can be designed to meet the needs of any operation.