The Guardian Reach-in

The growing demand for last-mile delivery is sending delivery drivers to more homes and businesses than ever before. For safety and sanitation purposes, the various items must be stored at different temperatures and in separate compartments. Throughout his route, the driver gets out of his truck and reaches into the compartments to retrieve the items he needs for each delivery. The driver has numerous deliveries to make each day so in order to meet his customers’ demands and to stay safe on busy streets, he needs a truck body that is easily accessible and capable of maintaining multiple temperatures at once.

With the increase in demand for payload capacity and safety in cold chain transport practices, this driver and other food distributors like him can depend on the Guardian Reach-in for a complete solution to their distribution needs.

The Guardian’s reach-in design strikes the perfect balance between light weight and maximum thermal efficiency. It is designed using the latest in fiberglass composite construction, which provides great flexibility for transporting food with different temperature requirements.

The FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act will impose more regulations on food distributors to keep track, monitor and review their cold chain management practices. Fleet operators can minimize their transport refrigeration risks by designing the Guardian with multi-temp zones (deep frozen, mediumĀ and dry freight goods) in a single vehicle under 26,000 gross vehicle weight (GVW). The Guardian’s construction and durability allows fleet owners to decrease their total cost of ownership by moving the same truck body to two or more chassis, which reduces the cost associated with replacing the entire unit.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the low ground to floor height also helps reduce injuries and insurance claims. The Guardian is available with a number of refrigerated systems, including traditional diesel, engine driven, or Johnson All-Electric (AE) Cold Plate systems, which are exempt from CARB/ARB regulations in California.