Something for Everyone

With three exceptional flatbed trailer offerings, Great Dane is able to satisfy a wide variety of fleet applications. For hauls that go cross-country, regionally or make city deliveries, the Freedom series has the right trailer solution for every application. Each is specially designed for exceptional duty within its niche.

The Freedom Choice Lineup

Fleets can select from three different and distinct flatbed trailers that include the Freedom LT a combination of steel and aluminum, the Freedom SE all-steel, and the Freedom XP all-aluminum. All of these are built with the customer in mind and include features and benefits that address specific fleet concerns such weight, reliability/durability and price.

The Right Weight

The Freedom LT is exceptionally lightweight and offers high performance solutions strong enough for heavy-duty hauling needs. This trailer’s steel-aluminum combo offers a competitive weight and price with a long list of valuable options.

Weighing in at a trim 8,200 lbs. and equipped with aluminum wheels, the Freedom XP weighs nearly 1,000 lbs. less than a comparable combination steel/aluminum trailer. It is lighter in weight to increase payload and hefty enough to provide the load protection and great performance down the road.

When heavy-duty is the “right weight,” the Freedom SE fits the spec’ with its sturdy construction that easily handles heavy loads. With its exemplary blend of quality workmanship and innovative design, it goes the extra mile to deliver.


The Freedom LT goes the distance with extreme structural integrity. The main beam is a one-piece standard 3”x5” heavy-duty 100 KSI steel to expertly handle capacity and heavy-duty aluminum side rails provide load versatility with multiple tie down options.

The all-aluminum Freedom XP is not only lighter weight, but it’s also designed to maximize payload capacity and is able to withstand 60,000-lb loads concentrated in 4 feet and up to 120,000lbs. of uniform distributed loads. For fleets that want to increase fuel efficiency without giving up payload capacity, this is the perfect choice.

Exceptional durability is built into the Freedom SE with a design that offers unmatched versatility. This heavy-duty, all-steel flatbed delivers long-term value and proven performance. Standard features include heavy-duty side rails and 1.13-in. apitong flooring. In addition, with a wide range of customization options, the Freedom SE can be configured to match fleet applications.

Competitive Price

When competitive price is an issue, you can be sure that the value of each of these trailers puts them above the competition. All three flatbed trailers offer the features and benefits that ensure the best return on investment.